Chopped Bacon Salad

For this salad, sweet romaine, fennel and bitter chicories get tossed in a fried garlic and pine nut-oregano vinaigrette. ButcherBox Bacon and creamy feta top this salad that is simple yet complex with textures and greens, nuts and cheese. This is the beauty of a chopped salad—almost anything can go […]

Pasta Bolognese with Spinach AND Parmsean

This makes quite a large batch of saucy and savory slow-cooked bolognese, famed meaty sauce that hails from Bologna, Italy. Here, ground beef, pork and bacon are the main characters, but they are supported by a vegetable medley, warm and cooling spices, orange peel and tomato to keep things bright […]

Brown Butter Seared Scallops

Butter of the sea (aka ButcherBox’s Sea Scallops) are even more luxurious when seared and caramelized before being sauced with brown butter, briny capers, sharp shallots and a punch of lemon juice. It’s a dish that makes you feel like you’ve become a fine dining chef in just 30 minutes, […]


Not that ButcherBox Ground Beef needs it, but a good crust creates deep flavor. That’s the truth here when it comes to smashburgers. The act of pressing down and creating more surface contact with your ground beef means more browning, more concentration of flavor and a crunch—just delicious. This recipe […]

Ranch Steak Picadinho

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which sits on the coast facing the Atlantic Ocean, is known for its picturesque beaches, lush mountainous terrain, boulevards straddled by high rises of Modernist and Old World European architecture, and vibrant culture. It’s an extremely surreal yet recognizable urban landscape for a large nation with […]

Pork Chops in Peppery Gravy

ButcherBox’s Pork Chops get seared until golden brown and then braised on the stovetop in a savory gravy that acts as a sauce, but also the cooking medium—efficient and genius, really. It’s a method called smothering and rooted in the American South’s cajun and creole cuisines. This technique works very […]