easy butter poached lobster

Easy Butter-Poached Lobster

If cooking lobster seems intimidating, our easy butter-poached lobster recipe has got you covered. All you need is a pack of ButcherBox lobster claw and knuckle meat and your choice of fat. Easy Butter-Poached Lobster 1 package ButcherBox Cold Cracked Lobster1 sprig tarragon (use a good size [...]

Oystering with Dad

It’s 7 am on a cold Sunday in January, and my father, Tom Littauer, is already up. I hear him loading the bed of his pickup with wire baskets, rubber wading boots, and blunt, beat-up kitchen knives. I roll out of bed, bleary-eyed, and stumble downstairs. He hands me a banana and a mug of steaming [...]
butcherbox founder mike salguero in a field

A Thank You From Our Founder

Since early March, the ButcherBox team has been called on as a crucial player in the food supply industry to continue to do what we’ve always done: Deliver protein directly to consumers' homes. While that may seem like a simple task, in a time of crisis and uncertainty, it’s anything but. Withou [...]
top butcherbox recipes

The Most Popular ButcherBox Recipes

Everyone loves to rank things. College sports rely on rankings to decide which teams will compete for yearly championships—with millions of dollars at stake for the country's sports-driven universities. Billboard has been telling us which songs are most popular across the country with its weekly c [...]

Saving Bristol Bay, Home of the Best Salmon in the World

In southwest Alaska, where the Alaskan Peninsula meets the Bering Sea, lies Bristol Bay, a pristine natural treasure and the home to one of the most bountiful salmon fishing regions on the planet. Bristol Bay provides all five varieties of Pacific salmon, including almost half of the sockeye salmon [...]

We Are ButcherBox – Delivering Meat America Can Trust

Motivated to find a better, cleaner way to feed his family, ButcherBox founder Mike Salguero connected with a local cattle farmer through his church in 2015. The experience that followed, picking a share of the 100 percent grass-fed beef spread across the farmer’s living room, led to two rev [...]
chicken tenders

Quick and Easy Baked Chicken Tenders

  Toss chicken tenders with a simple spice mix and pop them in the oven for this easy dish.  If you need cooked chicken prepped for the week, this may be the simplest way to get it! Quick and Easy Baked Chicken Tenders 3 lbs ButcherBox Chicken Tenders2 Tbsp garlic powder2 Tbsp onion powd [...]
mark sisson

Mark Sisson on Living a Well-balanced, Healthy, and Active Life

Mark Sisson is not only a leading voice on how to eat healthy foods and maintain peak athletic performance, but he is the embodiment of what better living is really all about. At age 63, Mark is able to balance family, business (the ever-growing Primal Kitchen empire), pleasure, and an active lifes [...]