buffalo chicken nachos recipe

Buffalo Chicken Nachos

Chili dogs. Taco pizza. Bacon pancakes. There are many contenders for the title of "Greatest Food Combination." But to our mind, buffalo chicken nachos are the champion of this competitive category. Bringing together two fan favorites that always seem to be featured on menus when sports are on the T [...]
buffalo chicken melt recipe

Buffalo Chicken Melt

This buffalo chicken melt recipe is the perfect way to cure your weekday or weekend lunchtime blues. With melted mozzarella and bleu cheese over the easy spicy Buffalo chicken recipe, this simple recipe could become your go-to buffalo chicken sandwich for a long time. The Buffalo chicken you make fo [...]
thyme lemon roasted chicken

How to Cook Juicy Chicken Breasts and Tenders Every Time

Chicken is the most commonly eaten poultry in the world, and here in the United States, we’re often drawn to leaner cuts like boneless, skinless chicken breasts and tenders. While these cuts are nutritious, they have a tendency to end up dry and rubbery when not cooked properly. This doesn’t hav [...]
roast lemon paprika chicken recipe

Lemon-Paprika Roast Chicken

Having a few roast chicken recipes up your sleeve is never a bad thing. This version, rubbed with smoked paprika and garlic powder, is simple and flavor-packed. Seasoning the bird a few hours ahead and leaving it uncovered in the fridge accomplishes two important things: Pre-seasoning helps the salt [...]
air fryer chicken wings

Crispy Air-Fryer Garlic Wings with Hot Honey

Is this the highest and best use of the air-fryer? We're not sure, but it's an easy way to get delicious, crispy wings without needing to deep fry or add a ton of extra oil to the situation. Crispy Air-Fryer Garlic Wings with Hot Honey 2 teaspoons arrowroot powder1 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder1 [...]
pumpkin spice chicken recipe

Roasted Pumpkin Spice Chicken Thighs

These chicken thighs are sure to be a hit at Friendsgiving. This recipe calls for the season's favorite pumpkin spice, bacon that can't be beaten, and a little bit of patience. But your guests will be very thankful for the effort you put into this seasonal dish.   Pumpkin Spice Slow Roasted C [...]
easy baked chicken breast

Easy Baked Chicken Breasts

Want to cook the most delicious, juicy chicken breasts every time? Follow Chef Yankel's easy instructions and wow your family and friends with this simple, yet delectable dish. Easy Baked Chicken Breasts Ingredients:2 pounds skinless boneless chicken breasts 2 garlic bulbs (minced x 3)1 bunch [...]

Chicken Tagine with Massaged Kale Salad

Chicken tenders aren't just for kids anymore. Try our chicken tagine and kale salad recipe—with Mediterranean-inspired flavors fit for adults and kids alike. Chicken Tagine with Massaged Kale Salad 1 pkg ButcherBox Chicken Tenders1 Tbsp avocado oil (preferred oil: Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil)T [...]
whole roasted chicken

Easy Roasted Whole Chicken

This easy recipe makes for one juicy, whole chicken. Grab your bird and a roasting rack and enjoy! Easy Roasted Whole Chicken 1 ButcherBox Whole Chicken½ c avocado oil½ c BB All Purpose Dry Rub1 whole garlic bulb (cut in half)butcher's twine (approximately 6" long) (optional) Pre [...]
chicken sandwich

BB Fried Chicken Sandwich

A truly epic sandwich:  it's a two-hander, piled high with bacon, a tangy pickled slaw, avocado mayo....and of course, that fried chicken breast that's crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. BB Fried Chicken Sandwich 2 lbs ButcherBox Chicken Breast (approximately 3 chicken breasts)1 [...]
chicken skewers

Mixed Grill with Chicken, Bulgur, and Tahini

Mixed Grill with Chicken, Bulgur, and Tahini 2 lbs ButcherBox Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (cut into 1-inch chunks)1 tbsp ground cumin2 tsp salt (plus more to taste)1 tsp granulated sugar½ tsp red pepper flakes1 cup bulgur3 lemons1 red onion (cut into 8 wedges, root end intact)2 tsp oliv [...]

Lemon Basil Chicken Thighs with Jeweled Quinoa and Pesto

Here's how to get all the best flavor into one pot:  start with chicken thighs, add veggies, fresh herbs, lemon and chicken stock - anklet it all cook with nutty quinoa.  Arugula pesto brings a bright pop of flavor and color. Lemon Basil Chicken Thighs with Jeweled Quinoa and Pesto 3 lbs But [...]