grilling frozen steaks

How to Grill Frozen Steaks

If you’ve got two good ButcherBox steaks in the freezer, you could be well on your way to a quick and delicious steak dinner. Yes, tonight. No, you don’t have to thaw them. Are you wondering how? It’s all about the grill. It turns out grilling frozen steak is actually […]

smoking and grilling turkey breast

Brining and Smoking a Turkey Breast

Looking for the best way to have a flavorful Thanksgiving but don’t want to cook a whole bird? A turkey breast is perfect for smaller gatherings (Friendsgiving!) and can easily feed four to six people. The first step to getting a great turkey breast is brining it in a simple […]

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3 Ways To Cook a Turkey

The ButcherBox Kitchen guides you through three popular ways to cook a Thanksgiving turkey, including: Smoking a turkey breast on the grill Spatchcocking a turkey The traditional turkey roast As we guide you through the steps for each of these methods, we also share advice on: Creating a turkey brine […]

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Tips for Slicing and Dicing Onions

In this video, we’ll cover a few pieces of key onion cutting advice, including: How to julienne an onion into thin slices How to dice an onion into large pieces How to dice an onion into medium-diced and small-diced pieces Sorry, we don’t have any tips for avoiding the usual […]

The Delicious Diversity of Thanksgiving Dinner

What’s on your table every year at Thanksgiving? For some families, the turkey feast never changes, it always includes mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, and people like it that way. But despite the static image of the holiday, Thanksgiving looks different depending where your family’s from.  Whether your holiday […]

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Tips for Carving a Turkey This Thanksgiving

We always find that the most stressful part of Thanksgiving isn’t cooking your turkey, it is slicing up and serving your bird. So to help you, we wanted to share our top tips for carving a turkey this Thanksgiving. In this video, we cover: Removing the thighs and wings. Cutting […]

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Tips for Cutting Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is not the easiest vegetable to cut up. Luckily, we’ve made it easier for you; even a pointer for removing the pulp and seeds. Use our tips to dice butternut squash into smaller pieces that are perfect for roasting or slice it into larger sections to bake or […]