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Better Together – Our Favorite Pairings

By itself, a salt-and-pepper encrusted filet mignon is a thing of beauty. However, paired with a nice Cabernet or bacon, it becomes something divine. This is one of life’s great truths: Two is better than one, or as Three Dog Night sang, “One is the loneliest number.” We think this […]

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The Essential Guide to Homemade Sauces

Do you know how to cook up a quick pan sauce to elevate the perfect steak? How about a fool-proof, 3-ingredient stir fry sauce to whip up a quick dinner on hectic weeknights? This list will introduce you to eight essential sauces that every home cook should have in their […]

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Seeking Better

I’ve never been more excited to be a part of this company than I am today. Throughout the past few years, we’ve grown a lot. More chairs were added to our table. So many, that we expanded our offices. More than once. Farmers and suppliers from across the globe joined […]

ButcherBox team picture 2020

Redefining ‘Out of the Office’

At the beginning of January, the entire ButcherBox team, 29 vendors and partners—as well as employees’ significant others and family members—met for three days for the 2nd Annual ButcherBox Summit in Islamorada, Florida. The Boston-based ButcherBox crew had been excited about an escape from the New England winter ever since […]

romantic filet mignon dinner with wine

A ButcherBox Valentine’s Day Menu for Two

This Valentine’s Day, spend the night cooking in, instead of braving the less-than-romantic crowds. We’ve got the perfect menu for you. This Valentine’s Day menu prioritizes one theme: special, but accessible. You won’t find complicated, intimidating recipes on this list. Instead, you’ll find: A warming, lightly sweet cocktail to start […]

chicken marsala

Make the Best of Chicken Breasts

Among all the available cuts of meat and poultry, we believe that boneless, skinless chicken breasts are one of the healthiest you can cook for yourself.  Unfortunately, they also have a downside as they are incredibly prone to drying out to the point that you feel like you’re chewing on […]