Corned beef cooked and sliced on a cutting board

5 Tasty Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day Leftovers

One of the most intimidating things about holidays is the heaping piles of leftovers. What was delicious and exciting at dinner the first-go-round often becomes tired and boring when you’re reheating it for the umpteenth time. Leftovers don’t have to be a burden. Contrary to some opinions, dinner remains can […]

Raw salmon on a plate surrounded by ingredients to make a meal

3 Ways to Cook Frozen Salmon to Perfection

Did you know salmon cooks up fast and delicious, straight from the freezer? You might have a hard time picturing icy bricks of salmon turning into a warm, flaky fish dinner, but we promise it’s possible. We’re sharing our favorite tips and a few simple tutorials for cooking salmon from […]

butcherbox favorite b corp brands

Celebrating the B Corps We Love

Every year B Lab, the organization behind the B Corp certification, sets aside the month of March to celebrate the brands that have become Certified B Corporation™. The month-long campaign is dedicated to building awareness and encouraging new audiences to buy from, do business with, or work for B Corps. […]

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Cuts of Chicken and How to Cook Them, Explained

From party wings to drumsticks, watch and learn where popular cuts of chicken come from and the best ways to cook them. Check out all our top chicken recipes here. Better yet, become a ButcherBox member and get chicken delivered to your door:

pesto sheet pan salmon and delicata squash

Sheet Pan Salmon with Delicata Squash

This sheet pan salmon with delicata squash is simple to make, super quick to cook, and is packed full of nutrient-dense foods:⠀ ⠀ Salmon: Wild-caught salmon is a source of Omega-3 and part of a healthy diet. ⠀ ⠀ Delicata squash: Squash is a wonderful way of adding digestion boosting […]

griot and pikliz

A Dish With Joy in Every Bite: Griot and Pikliz

Vegans and vegetarians: Avert your eyes. Carnivores, picture the scene: A delicious spread with copious amounts of well-seasoned fried pork shoulder and fermented spicy cabbage. The unctuously seasoned fried pork served with pickled cabbage and carrots made with spicy Scotch bonnet peppers are known as griot and pikliz. They’re often […]