Lobster Tempura

Tempura is a Japanese cooking technique that requires you to coat foods, such as meat, vegetables, or seafood, in a delicate batter and deep fry it. It uses just flour, egg, and ice water to create a crispy exterior. The key to getting the right texture is to use chilled […]

Lobster and scallion fritters in a bowl with chopped scallions sprinkled on top

Lobster and Scallion Fritters

Bursting with big pieces of cold-cracked lobster, these fritters are a snack you’ll want to keep all to yourself. You don’t need a fryer for this recipe—just a deep pan and enough oil to cover your fritters—so it’s perfect for whenever you’re looking for a quick, crunchy bite. These lobster […]

spicy dan dan noodles

Spicy Dan Dan Noodles

Satisfy your spice cravings by slurping up these mouthwatering and nutty noodles for a quick meal. Dan dan noodles, which originated in Sichuan, China, are named after the traditional poles that street vendors use to hold up bowls of noodles and sauce on their backs. This recipe can be made […]

Three ground chicken sliders with condiments and cheese on a cutting board

7 Weeknight-Friendly Ground Chicken Recipes

Ground chicken is a satisfying, healthy protein that adapts to pretty much any flavor profile. Craving Italian? Make chicken parmesan meatballs. Want takeout-inspired fare? Sesame ground chicken should fit the bill. These ground chicken recipes and more are included in the list below. All of them are also weeknight-friendly, meaning […]

Meat and veggies on a grill

7 Ways to Switch Out High-Carb Foods for Low-Carb Veggies

Whether you’re looking to lower your carbohydrate intake or fill your plate with more fresh veggies, there are tons of satisfying substitutions for high-carb foods available. While vegetables aren’t exactly the same as bread, rice, or pasta, they’re colorful and delicious when added to your favorite dishes. Use these plant-based, […]

per-peri chicken recipe

Peri-Peri Chicken with Coconut Rice

The first time I had peri-peri was in Maputo, Mozambique, at a seaside restaurant called Casa de Peixe, which in Portuguese means “house of fish.” It was a shrimp dish stewed in a peri-peri sauce, served with white rice. Once I got to Portugal (where I live), I was happy […]

burst cherry tomato bolognese

Burst Cherry Tomato Bolognese

Summer’s nickname should be “tomato time.” Celebrate the warm weather months with this easy-to-make, one-pot Bolognese showcasing cherry tomatoes, which add seasonal sensibility and sunny sweetness to the classic sauce.