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In 2018, California voters approved Proposition 12, the Farm Animal Confinement Initiative (also known as Prop 12), which establishes minimum Read more
The ButcherBox Dry Ice team with their keys to our new Dry Ice Facility in Muscatine, Iowa
Our goal is to ship only the highest-quality meats to our valued members. To be able to do that safely Read more
family sitting down at a table together
The practice of gathering at the dinner table for a meal is a tradition that has changed over time. As Read more
farm next to a long road with a hog shelter on it
Over the years, we’ve learned that it’s not enough to only fight for the well-being of farm animals. The environment needs our attention, too, and now more than ever as Read more
farm aid 2021 logo
ButcherBox is excited to announce—that for the second year—we are sponsoring Farm Aid. Since our inception, ButcherBox has prioritized the well-being Read more
eating outside
Following more than 12 months of improving cooking skills at home—perfecting banana bread, sourdough starters, and TikTok pasta—Americans are ready Read more
butcherbox team over the years
In the past five years, we've learned through building ButcherBox that when you believe in what you do, your mission Read more
the butcherbox kitchen
We are celebrating a small milestone here at ButcherBox. Five years ago this week, the initial Kickstarter campaign for ButcherBox Read more
chef emilie abijanac
I park in front of an old factory and double-check the address. I’m in the right place. I venture inside, past various company offices and signs Read more
dad and son grilling
Fire up the grill and get your dad jokes ready—Father’s Day is almost here. For many families, Father’s Day is Read more