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ButcherBox’s Role in Addressing Food Insecurity in America

No matter the season, gathering with friends and family over good food and conversation is what keeps us inspired here at ButcherBox. It’s why we love sharing recipes, kitchen tips & tricks, and stories on the traditions that keep us coming back to shared tables together. Yet not all Americans […]

A ButcherBox Partner Highlight: AgriSafe

As a company whose mission is to transform the meat industry, we believe in equitable practices in the agricultural community. Whether it’s access to healthcare, financial planning, or technology, agriculture is one of the most under-resourced industries in the U.S. despite being the central provider of our most important resource: […]

Prop 12’s Impact on Advancing Humane Animal Treatment

In 2018, California voters approved Proposition 12, the Farm Animal Confinement Initiative (also known as Prop 12), which establishes minimum space requirements for housing animals, including calves raised for veal, breeding pigs (or sows), and egg laying hens. The law also bans the sale of protein from animals raised below […]

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How ButcherBox is Measuring and Managing Our Carbon Impact

The idea of achieving carbon neutrality—especially, as a company food industry company reliant on a massive supply chain, farming, and ranching—is something we’ve investigated for a while here at ButcherBox. We’ve shared some of what we’ve learned about the complexities—as well as some of the marketing green-washing—that can occur when […]

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Supporting a More Equitable Farming System

A key element of the ButcherBox mission is to transform the food system so that it’s better for the animal, farmer, planet, your family, and our shared communities. Making the complex, multi-faceted food system more equitable for all is one of the ways we think we can make a sizable […]

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Understanding Our Carbon Footprint: Making a Carbon Neutral Claim

What does it mean to make a “carbon neutral” or “net-zero emissions carbon footprint” commitment? It means the company is eliminating or capturing as much greenhouse gas as it creates. At ButcherBox, we’re not pursuing a carbon neutral commitment. Why? We’ll share the research that led us to this path in a […]