Five-Spice Chuck Roast

This heavenly, fork-tender beef can be slow and low, resulting in a flavorful, fall apart roast. This recipe features a spice mixture known as Chinese 5-spice, a powder that is most often a combination of cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds, Sichuan peppers, and star anise—but also sometimes features ginger, nutmeg, orange […]

Epic Burger With 14-Ingredient Bacon Jam

I’m warning you: This might be the best bacon jam burger you ever have. Maybe even the best burger you ever have. Said to induce long, satisfied sighs, and prolonged use of superlatives. Known as a “transformative experience”. This was the burger that all the other chefs in town popped […]

mole coulotte recipe

Mole Coulotte

I love a good mole, but preparing it can be time-intensive. Cheat the system by using mole-inspired flavors (peppers, nuts, spices, and chocolate) as a rub instead of a sauce, then top it all off with a spicy tomatillo salsa.

coconut lemongrass bottom round roast in dutch oven

Coconut and Lemongrass Bottom Round

Herbs and spices often used in Thai dishes add a delicious layer of flavor to the bottom round cut. Paired with a fragrant, mildly sweet coconut rice, this dish will take your taste buds on a unique adventure in no time. This is the perfect Dutch oven dish for a […]

thai noodles

Thai Almond Soba Noodle Salad

This Southeast Asian-inspired dish features buckwheat noodles and plenty of veggies, with a sweet, spicy, and salty almond and coconut milk sauce.  The marinated flank steak cooks in a flash and makes a light-yet-hearty meal.  

GF Mushroom and Bacon Braciole

Braciole: in layman’s terms, an Italian-American meat roll-up.  This gluten-free dish features a butterflied roast filled with bacon and mushrooms, cooked in a red wine tomato sauce.