5 Tips for the Best Flat Iron Steak + Recipe

If you’ve got ButcherBox Flat Iron Steaks on the menu tonight, get ready for a tender, luscious cut that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.  Cut from the shoulder, which is a very muscular part of the cow, it’s finely marbled and it tends to be fairly dense. Flat iron […]

3 Tips for Foolproof Filet Mignon + Recipe

Filet mignon–it’s the ultimate, the most prized cut of steak. With its luscious, tender texture, filet is a luxurious pleasure to enjoy. Filet is cut from the small end of the tenderloin, which comes from the back of the cow. Because that’s a less active part of the animal, the […]

Dry-Aged Strip Steak Salad

Have you ever wondered what “dry aging” is? It involves placing the meat in an open air, temperature- and humidity-controlled environment–and it makes ButcherBox’s strip steak amazingly tender and concentrated in rich umami flavor. In this recipe, slices of that rich steak are paired with a sweet and buttery corn and potato […]

Seared Ranch Steak and Green Bean Salad with Parmesan

This dish is kind of like a salad, but it’s definitely not your mom’s lettuce and tomatoes (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). It’s a really tasty way to enjoy ranch steak (aka beef shoulder steak) and summer’s bean bounty at the same time. All you have to do […]

Grilled Porterhouse

Grilled Porterhouse Steak with Smoky Chimichurri Sauce

Porterhouse–this impressive large-format cut is perfect to share. This recipe gives you everything you need to know to grill ButcherBox’s 40-ounce(!) Porterhouse Steak to perfection. Plus, there’s a special chimichurri sauce, with smokiness from grilled shallot along with herbs, vinegar, olive oil, paprika and other spices. The complex flavor of […]

Hot Dog Party

Your summer barbecue will be everyone’s favorite event when you make it a hot dog party, with perfectly grilled hot dogs and tons of fun toppings. Made from grass-finished and pasture-raised beef, ButcherBox “dogs” taste great however you cook them–but when you grill them, the meat’s sugars caramelize, adding a […]

Carne Asada Flank Steak Tacos With Grilled Scallions

Carne asada, hailing from the state of Sonora in northern Mexico, is as much a celebration of the smoky char-grilled beef as it is of gathering outdoors with friends and family. To make carne asada (which translates to “grilled meat”), you marinate steak–usually flank or skirt–in spices before grilling it […]

Northeastern Thai (Isaan) Flank Steak Salad

This salad featuring steak comes from Derek Rugsaken, the chef and owner of Southeast by Southwest, a Thai pop-up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. With origins in the northeast ‘Isaan’ region of Thailand, where Rugsaken’s father is from, the flavors and smells of this salad remind him of eating at […]

Coffee-Rubbed Roasted Tomahawk

Chef Raymond Naranjo shares his recipe which he rightly describes as the “perfect balance of sweet to bitterness and spice”. This super savory grass-fed tomahawk steak is rubbed with a menagerie of spices that includes New Mexico famed red chile from Naranjo’s home state, molasses-y brown sugar and ground coffee. […]

Pasta Bolognese with Spinach and Parmesan

This makes quite a large batch of saucy and savory slow-cooked bolognese, famed meaty sauce that hails from Bologna, Italy. Here, ground beef, pork and bacon are the main characters, but they are supported by a vegetable medley, warm and cooling spices, orange peel and tomato to keep things bright […]

Sheetpan Sirloin with Yogurt and Chili Crisp

This recipe is basically about how big things (flavor) come from small packages (sirloin tips). Super meaty and tender, sirloin tips do very well with minimal effort and cooking time. In this recipe, the tips are roasted hot and fast for an easy, peasy sheet pan dinner with roasted carrots, […]


Not that ButcherBox Ground Beef needs it, but a good crust creates deep flavor. That’s the truth here when it comes to smashburgers. The act of pressing down and creating more surface contact with your ground beef means more browning, more concentration of flavor and a crunch—just delicious. This recipe […]