steak tips on a plate with charred lemon halves

Lemon: The Secret Ingredient to Making Succulent Steak

Many food experts use lemon to marinate or tenderize steak prior to cooking. While they’re not wrong, you can also get a tender piece of steak by cooking it just right and adding a hint of lemon at the end. This simple cooking technique provides a salt-like punch that brings […]

grilled flank steak

Easy Grilled Flank Steak

Follow this easy recipe for grilling a flank steak. If you’d like, you can experiment with any marinade you like—or grill it with salt and pepper and coat it with chimichurri after grilling. But, we must say that we are fans of the easy-to-make, mustard and chive marinade below. So […]

pan-seared ribeye steak

Easy Pan-Seared Ribeye Steaks

Let us walk you through the steps to quickly sear ribeye steaks. You can use individual ribeyes for this recipe or cut a ribeye roast into smaller steaks. Basted with garlic, butter, shallots, and thyme, these flavorful ribeyes will become one of your favorite dishes.

beef cuts chart with ribs and sirloin highlighted

Top Sirloin vs. Ribeye Steak: What’s the Difference?

In this guide, we’ll break down the differences between sirloin vs. ribeye steak to give you a better understanding of each cut. You’ll learn: Where these cuts are sourced from The flavor profile of top sirloin vs. ribeye steak When to use each cut while cooking How to cook top […]

kofta recipe with lemons

Spiced Ground Beef Kofta

The Middle Eastern specialty kofta is a grilled, spiced meat served on skewers that can be found at nearly any food stall in the region. Its intoxicating smell perfumes the streets of many countries and is guaranteed to entice locals and tourists alike. Every region has its own version of […]

medium rare roast beef

How to Cook Roast Beef

So there’s roasting, the technique, and then there are roasts, the cuts of meat named for the way they’re most commonly cooked. Roasts are larger cuts of meat that are too big to cook on the stove, and might be unwieldy on the grill. They’re happiest in the oven, whether […]

ground beef on spaghetti

A Guide to Cooking Ground Beef Straight from the Freezer

In this guide, we’ll walk you through two simple methods for cooking frozen ground beef: on the stovetop and in an Instant Pot. We’ll also include tips along the way, and no-fuss recipes you can easily adapt to use frozen ground beef. With these pointers, you’ll be able to turn […]

ground beef in pan with herbs

8 Unexpected Ways to Cook Ground Beef

You’re likely familiar with using ground beef in spaghetti or burger recipes, but it’s actually one of the most versatile cuts of beef out there. Have you thought to use it in a curry-spiced take on shepherd’s pie, or a hearty meatball-stuffed roasted tomato? If you’re looking for new ways […]

beef jollof rice

Nigerian Beef Jollof Rice

This spiced red rice is the most beloved rice dish across the coast of West Africa. Named after a 16th-century kingdom of Jolof in the Senegambian region (between the Senegal and Gambia rivers), legend has it that traveling salesmen set jollof rice on its journey across the coast where it […]

cast iron steaks with french onions

French Onion Filet Mignon

French onion soup is so rich and luscious, and so is filet mignon. Why not put them together? Transform the flavors of the soup into a luxurious topping for filet and you have a dressed-up meal that’s easy to make but feels special, perfect for an intimate date night at […]