30-Minute Heirloom Chicken & Potatoes Dinner

Whip up a fuss-free meal featuring the convenience of pre-cooked heirloom ingredients. This easy dinner combines our Pasture-Raised Heirloom Fully Cooked Half Chicken and Fully-Cooked Heirloom Potatoes. Choose from three vegetable-side pairing suggestions for a wholesome feast.  

10 Minute Chicken BLAT Sandwich

Got 10 minutes? Great! It’s all you’ll need to whip up this delicious Chicken BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado + tomato) sandwich thanks to our Fully Cooked Organic Grilled Chicken Breast. Swap out the mayo with your favorite salad dressing for an added boost of flavor. Prepping these in advance? Mash […]

Quick Potato Recipes

Potatoes are truly the unsung heroes of the kitchen; an iconic side that enhances any meal they accompany. If you’re looking for the perfect potato side dish to elevate your next dinner, look no further than this very post. From the rustic flavors of our Fully Cooked Farmer’s Market Heirloom […]

Maple-Mustard Roasted Chicken Salad

Flavorful, healthy, and ready in under 30 minutes! If this is your first time trying our Fully Cooked Pasture-Raised Heirloom Half Chicken, you’re in for a treat. Once defrosted, It crisps up perfectly in the oven in just under 25 minutes, giving you time to focus on sides — or […]

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with Roasted Chicken

This vibrant and wholesome Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with Roasted Chicken is a delightful dish that brings together the freshness of vegetables, the protein punch of roasted chicken, and the zesty notes of a lemon-herb vinaigrette. Perfect for a light and satisfying meal!

20-Minute Chicken and Cucumber Lettuce Wraps

Looking for a low-carb lunch or dinner option that’s as simple to prepare as it is delightful to enjoy? You’ll love these easy-to-make chicken and cucumber lettuce wraps featuring our Fully-Cooked Organic Grilled Chicken Breast. This recipe calls for a few ingredients that you’re likely to already have in your […]

Grilled Chicken and Avocado Wrap

These Grilled Chicken and Avocado Wraps are a quick and delicious meal. They combine the smoky flavors of pre-cooked grilled chicken. They also have the creamy richness of avocado cream. Perfect for a satisfying lunch or dinner on the go!