butcherbox shrimp

Introducing ButcherBox Wild-Caught Raw Shrimp

Shrimp! Again and again, that is the product request we get from ButcherBox members. And so, we are incredibly excited to announce that we will soon be offering wild-caught raw shrimp to be delivered directly to your door via ButcherBox. Our shrimp comes frozen and ready to cook. Caught in […]

turkey burgers

Easy Homemade Turkey Burger

Perfect for backyard cookouts any time of the year, this homemade turkey burger is one of our favorite ways to use ground turkey. Because ground turkey is very lean, it can easily dry out when grilling. This recipe uses the moisture from minced onions and a bit of fat in […]

cranberry seltzer turkey brine recipe

Turkey Breast Brine with Cranberry Seltzer

Add a little bit of some bitter cranberry sweetness to your turkey brine this year. This is perfect for prepping the night before cooking a turkey breast but is also great for your Thanksgiving turkey. This is the perfect way to add flavor to a turkey or turkey breast. Do […]

hot honey dripping on bison stuffed squash

Bison-Stuffed Squash with Hot Honey Glaze

Fall is finally here, and with cooler temps and longer nights, we’re ready to turn to hearty,  comforting food. This stuffed squash recipe is a weeknight delight using ButcherBox’s 100% grass-fed bison, a leaner alternative to ground beef. The stuffing features wholesome ingredients and fall flavors like wild rice, pears, […]

green curry lobster stew in bowl with spoon

Green Curry Lobster Stew

Here is a recipe that seems to be the perfect remedy for a chilly evening. This green curry lobster stew fuses cold-cracked lobster with an array of flavors derived from Indian and East Asian food cultures. The creation of Andrew Taylor and Mike Wiley of Portland, Maine’s Big Tree Hospitality […]

turkey meatball recipe

Herbed Turkey-Zucchini Meatballs

If you didn’t think meatballs could qualify as an “anytime” food, think again. This recipe, adapted from Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi’s 2012 cookbook, Jerusalem, is light from the combination of turkey and shredded zucchini (which also lends some needed moisture to the turkey) and bright from the fresh herbs […]

lobster and tomato pasta dish

Simple and Luxurious Lobster Pasta

There’s nothing about lobster pasta that doesn’t feel luxe. Just the simple combination of seafood and carbs is a recipe for success, but throw in some fresh lobster claws, a silky tomato sauce, and the splurge-worthy dried pasta of your choosing  (both long and short shapes work!), and you have […]

sesame salmon with soba noodles

Sesame Salmon Soba Bowls

Here’s a simple recipe that works equally as well for lunch as it does for dinner. It’s also easily tweaked: Cook the salmon ahead and serve it cold over the cold noodles; add shredded cabbage or watercress to the noodles to get more veg into the meal; or use boneless […]

cod tacos with spicy crema and slaw

Blackened Cod Tacos

Mix it up on Taco Tuesday with this simple recipe for blackened cod tacos. Fish is a great candidate for “blackening, ” a technique for flavoring and cooking proteins in Cajun cooking. We skip the initial coating in butter to streamline the process a bit. Cooking on relatively high heat […]

caribbean lobster tails

Caribbean Grilled Lobster Tails with Rum BBQ Sauce

Make your guests feel like royalty with these amazing grilled lobster tails inspired by Caribbean flavors. These lobster tails are shelled, basted with a citrus herb marinade, then grilled to perfection. The zesty rum barbecue sauce on the side takes things to the next level. It’s excellent served with slaw, […]

lobster tacos recipe

Lobster Tacos with Mango Slaw

This easy lobster recipe is perfect for any time of year, but we’re loving it for the summer. Quick to prep and cook, it’s ideal for a weekday lunch or even a weekend barbecue. Featuring a summery mango slaw and basil aioli, this is the perfect dish to cap off […]