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a person shredding chicken

An Easy, No-Waste Meal Plan for School Lunches

A whole chicken goes a long way. Many students of all ages are now learning from home. And whether you’re a parent cooking for your kids or an undergrad trying to cook for yourself, making lunches—especially different recipes—every day can get tedious, real fast. A way to help lower the […]

butcherbox cod

Sustainable and Delicious – Cooking Alaskan Salmon and Cod at Home

When it comes to sustainable seafood, the information can be overwhelming. Which species should be avoided, what types of fishing gear are acceptable, is farmed fish okay? It’s a lot to consider—which is why we love wild-caught Alaskan seafood. ButcherBox sources its sockeye salmon from Bristol Bay, Alaska—a pristine region […]

himalayan pink salt block how to

How to Use a Salt Block to Cook and Chill this Summer

No recipe is complete without a little salt, and for good reason. Sodium from salt is essential to many of our bodies’ complex processes, including regulating the body’s internal balance of water and sodium. It is also instrumental in bringing out and showcasing flavor in food. It’ll be no surprise, […]

frozen ground beef for freezer meals

10 Easy Freezer Meals

If you’ve never heard of freezer meals, we’re here to make meal planning that much easier. These easy and affordable freezer meals will save you time, money (less “I’m too tired to cook” takeout), and will fill your family up with delicious food. It’s a win all around. What are […]

july fourth

The ButcherBox 4th of July Menu

The Fourth of July is the perfect holiday to showcase the best of summer cooking, from meaty grilled masterpieces to beautiful stone fruits—or maybe both! We’ve compiled a Fourth of July menu, from which you can mix and match to make your ideal summer food spread. We’ve got everything covered, […]

the author and dad eating apples

5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned While Cooking with Dad

I thought of commemorating Father’s Day by sharing my Dad’s best recipes; however, they are a secret, he says! So instead, I decided to reflect on the invaluable lessons he’s taught me over the years as we’ve cooked together. Below you’ll find five of the best metaphorical (or, quite literal) […]


Oystering with Dad

It’s 7 am on a cold Sunday in January, and my father, Tom Littauer, is already up. I hear him loading the bed of his pickup with wire baskets, rubber wading boots, and blunt, beat-up kitchen knives. I roll out of bed, bleary-eyed, and stumble downstairs. He hands me a […]