Crispy Cod Sandwiches

Part of the fun of cooking at home is being able to recreate your favorite fast food dishes in a more sustainable and healthy-ish way. Here, ButcherBox’s Cod is battered and deep fried and served on soft and sweet brioche. To really liven up the dish, there’s a tartar sauce […]


8 Buttery and Tender Sablefish Recipes

If you love cooking and eating rich salmon, then you need to try these sablefish recipes. In our list this week, we’ve compiled sablefish recipes that are full of flavor, easy to cook, and will show you just how much you’ve been missing. If you’ve never tried sablefish, its buttery […]

baked cod filet on a bed of greens and vegetables

Easy Baked Cod

Dinner in 15 minutes? It’s possible, and it’s absolutely delicious with this easy baked cod recipe. All you need is a baking sheet and some seasoned salt à la ButcherBoxTM.