Open-Faced BLTs

A bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich is as synonymous with summer as a sandwich could probably ever be. Why? Well, tomatoes, duh. The best tomatoes are not available year-round. It’s in the height of summer, usually July, when they’ve soaked up so much sun that they’ve become perfectly sweet, a […]

Artichoke and Bacon Pasta with Herbs, Feta and Pistachios

This light pasta feels like the meeting of seasons with wintry artichokes rich ButcherBox bacon with light spring-y mint and salty feta. Large pieces of bacon cook first in the pan setting the mood and underlying flavor for the pasta with its distinct smokiness while onions, plenty of garlic sweeten […]

Chopped Bacon Salad

For this salad, sweet romaine, fennel and bitter chicories get tossed in a fried garlic and pine nut-oregano vinaigrette. ButcherBox Bacon and creamy feta top this salad that is simple yet complex with textures and greens, nuts and cheese. This is the beauty of a chopped salad—almost anything can go […]

Spiced Bacon and Fried Egg Tacos

ButcherBox’s Bacon is great on its own, but simply tossing those smoky-pork slices with more spices and aromatics like lime zest and paprika, zests up the bacon even more. Tinted red from the paprika, bacon strips are crown jewels for these indulgent tacos with fried eggs and buttery avocado. 

bacon chocolate cupcakes

Bacon-Chocolate Mini Cupcakes

Bacon and chocolate? Yes please! Tender stout-chocolate cake, crispy bacon bits, and a no-waste chocolate frosting made with leftover bacon grease come together to create a salty-sweet chocolate bomb for dessert lovers of all ages.

hands grabbing three bacon cheeseburgers

Classic Bacon Cheeseburger

Make a classic bacon cheeseburger with this easy-to-follow recipe. The key to getting a perfect bacon cheeseburger is to cook the bacon in the oven beforehand and then reheat it on the grill (we use Tender Belly bacon for this recipe). Included is a quick-to-master recipe for our “secret” burger […]

oven cooked bacon on a slate counter

Perfect Bacon in the Oven

In our minds, ButcherBox bacon is the best. But it gets even better! Follow these six steps to achieve the perfect piece of bacon. Hint: Don’t skip step one.

bloody mary recipe with bacon

Spicy Bacon Bloody Mary Mix

If you say Bloody Mary three times, this drink appears in your hand. Not really, but making one is almost that easy. This delicious drink has a 5 minute prep time and features our favorite garnish, candied cajun bacon.

bacon pancake bread

Bacon Pancake Bread

Bacon pancake bread is a legendary addition to breakfast. Grab some ButcherBox bacon and whip it this up this weekend. Just make sure to invite some guests, or you might be tempted to eat the whole thing by yourself. This sweet bread is a perfect combo of fluffy pancake, savory […]

spicy candy bacon

Candied Cajun Bacon

Bacon is perfect on its own. But, we’ve found that a little dash of sugar can create a candied bacon treat that adds a bit of sweet to the savory flavor of bacon. This recipe kicks our candied bacon recipe up a notch with a hint of spice. Enjoy this […]

homemade candied bacon

Candied Bacon

We’re not sure there’s anything better than crispy, savory bacon. But these days, candied bacon makes a strong contender for the brunch, bar and Bloody-Mary-topping favorite. This simple recipe from Chef Yankel features ButcherBox bacon, maple syrup, sriracha, and brown sugar.