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An Interview with Bulletproof Founder Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey is the founder of Bulletproof 360 which you’ve likely heard due to its well-known, Keto-inducing concoction Bulletproof Coffee. Known as the “Father of Biohacking,” Dave has experimented on himself for more than 20 years and was one of the earliest proponents of following a ketogenic diet. Recently, Dave […]

denver steak

What is a Denver Steak? The Story of New Steak Discoveries

Everything old is new again, as the saying goes. But that shouldn’t stop you from eating some of the “new cuts” of beef that you can find across the United States these days. Witness the Denver steak, one of the recently “discovered” beef cuts that, if you are lucky, you can find on […]


Kebabs or Kebobs – A Specific Cut of Meat or a Traditional Dish?

Kebabs—meat, usually beef—cooked on a skewer, often with vegetables, have a long and truly intercontinental history. As an English culinary term, according to The Oxford Companion for Food, it is often used with the term shish or sis to denote being grilled on a skewer. In this context, the term shish kebob has […]

cattle on the range

What is Grass-finished Beef and Why Does It Matter

The term “grass-fed,” as it applies to beef, has been in use for quite a while. For most, it elicits the idea of an idyllic cow on the range eating natural grass. It is an image that has been connected to the beef purveyors and ranchers well before the current […]

what is angus

What is Angus Beef and Why the Angus Label Doesn’t Matter

We talk a lot about industry naming and labeling, and for a good reason: There are many confusing beef cut names, quality grades, and beef industry marketing tricks. Consumers are unlikely to know the differences between USDA prime beef, organic steak, and grass-fed, grass-finished meat. One brand name that has been used […]