Dennis Keohane

chicken and waffles

Chicken and Waffles: A History and Our Easy Recipe

Don’t miss our ButcherBox recipe for “Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Gluten-Free Waffles (Organic Free Range Chicken)” at the bottom of the page. Many of our favorite modern dishes are the product of culinary cultures colliding. “Pizza Margherita,” a flatbread that featured tomatoes and cheese, is believed first to have been […]

london broil

London Broil: A Grilled Steak That Has Nothing To Do with England

Beef dish names can be so odd. London broil is just another example of the beef industry’s propensity for attaching names to cuts of meat that are confusing, don’t quite fit, or, sometimes, are quite unappetizing. The Delmonico steak, for instance, was supposedly “invented” at Delmonico’s in New York; but […]

bacon-wrapped filet mignon

A Bacon-Wrapped Filet is One of Life’s Simple Joys

Why bring bacon and filet mignon together? Of course, it makes sense. It seems like a question that does not need to be asked by any sane person. Crispy bacon and a delectable, tender steak together? But, have you ever paused, mid-savory bite, and just momentarily think, who thought of […]

cassy joy garcia

A Chat with Cassy Joy Garcia, the Force Behind Fed and Fit

Cassy Joy Garcia is a truly inspirational entrepreneur. Cassy’s exuberance and passion for Fed and Fit—the healthy eating and mindset project she founded—and more importantly, life in general, was apparent within moments of starting our recent discussion. Cassy has been blogging about living a happy, healthy life since 2011. In her […]

denver steak

The Denver Steak: An American Innovation

While discoveries in centuries-old industries are exceedingly rare, they do still occur from time to time. Witness the Denver steak, a uniquely American, and rather “new” cut of meat that, if you are lucky, you can find on the menu at some of the best purveyors of meat across the country. (The […]


How Our Search for the World’s Best Meat Brought Us to Australia

At ButcherBox, we are committed to delivering the highest quality, direct-to-consumer meat and we have developed a meat procurement and delivery ecosystem that is world-class. We are also compelled to always keep innovating, and, if need be, to rewrite the rules to achieve the mission of being the most trusted […]