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Happy Father’s Day From ButcherBox

Last Updated on March 29, 2021

Fire up the grill and get your dad jokes ready—Father’s Day is almost here. For many families, Father’s Day is an unofficial kickoff to summer with celebrations focused on barbecues filled with good food, laughter, sunshine, and even a competitive lawn game or two.

We had so much fun talking to our team members last month about what made their Mother’s Day celebrations special, we just couldn’t leave out the stories about dear old dad.

For many dads, it’s not about the celebration of them, but the time spent with family or close friends. In fact, most find they are still the ones manning the grill on Father’s Day—and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whether you’re a dad celebrating your first Father’s Day or your thirtieth, the ButcherBox team hopes you have a very happy Father’s Day!

See how our team members are celebrating this year and read some of the memories that hold a special place in their hearts and minds from years past.



“My wife and I are not huge fans of the ‘made up holidays’ like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but I must admit, deep down I really look forward to Father’s Day. This is mainly because I love reading the cards from my three kids, even if my wife has to force them to make them! It always makes me feel good to read stuff like ‘I love my dad because he plays basketball with me.’”

— Dan Smith, Head of Marketing



“Being a daddy’s girl through and through, Father’s Day is a day I always look forward to because I get to celebrate my hero, my dad. As a young kid, the day was filled with BBQs, laughter, fishing, going for a long family drive…really anything my dad wanted to do on his special day. As my brothers and I grew up, it became an opportunity for us to get together as a family amidst our busy lives, once again celebrating our favorite man. But this year, Father’s Day takes on a whole new meaning as my husband and I just welcomed our first child. This year I get to celebrate the two most important men in my life, my dad and my husband.”

— Jesse Spaniola, Marketing Project Manager


breakfast with dad


“Growing up, salmon was a staple of every meal celebrating a special occasion in my house. My dad would marinate the salmon with his special blend of olive oil, lemon juice, herbs, and spices and then fire it up on the grill. It was something I could come to depend on, like his diligent work ethic and fatherly love. After working for 30 years so my sister and I could live the American dream, he retired and brought our family on an Alaskan cruise. We got to experience “The Last Frontier” and see the streams where salmon spawn. When ButcherBox set out to find the best wild sockeye salmon on the planet, I knew we would find it in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Now, I’m happy to share the same salmon we enjoy when we celebrate special occasions with our members .”

— Ben Ghosh, Head of Revenue and E-mail Marketing



“Growing up, Father’s Day in my family always consisted of a cookout with extended family. As I look back, I think we made such a big deal about it mainly for my grandfather—an excuse to not only celebrate him and the other great dads in our family, but also to get everyone together before summer got hectic. Since his passing in 2015, Father’s Day has become a bit more intimate with my immediate family, still over a cookout. However, this year will mark yet another change as it will likely be my husband’s first Father’s Day—assuming our first child isn’t more than a week late! Although slightly jealous he gets to celebrate his first Father’s Day so early in our child’s life, I’m excited to start new traditions on this holiday, which will undoubtedly still include grilling outside.”

— Kerin Norton, Director of PR and Corporate Communications



“The most meaningful Father’s Day I’ve ever experienced came on the final weekend I spent living in Queens with my grandfather during an internship. Though we grew up in completely different places and times, we had become exceptionally close over the previous six months. One of the most exciting—and sometimes challenging—parts of living with my grandparents was being subject to their cooking, much of which was inspired by the flavors of my grandfather’s Jamaican homeland. From jerk chicken to curried goat to breadfruit in every form, my palette was definitely expanded, and the experience opened my eyes to how families grow close and culture is shared over food. Sharing one more brunch in New York with my dad, grandfather, and the rest of my family remains my favorite Father’s Day memory.”

— Ryan Fleischer, Graphic Designer



“I am the lucky wife of Joe and proud mother of Jack and new puppy Biscuit. Both my father and husband actually enjoy preparing and grilling the entire dinner on Father’s Day. The menu usually starts with grilled Caesar salad, main course steak tips, sides grilled corn and potatoes, and ends with a yummy grilled peach dessert. Their only ask of me that day is to set up and clean up. What more could I ask for than a family BBQ (outdoors weather permitting) and to be surrounded by such wonderful men in my life?”

— Melissa Crowe, Marketing Project Manager



“I am really excited to spend fun, quality time with my daughter for my first Father’s Day. My hope is we take the day to just do fun family things rather than doing things like house chores. Taking our boat out and my daughter not being fussy about wearing her life jacket would be an incredible present. My wife has already asked what I wanted for dinner, so we are going to do surf and turf. We’ll sous vide some ButcherBox top sirloin steaks for dinner alongside seared scallops done in butter and garlic.”

— Joe Kelly, Head of Support and Sales




“Ever since I’ve become a dad, Father’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year. My kids usually flex their arts and crafts prowess and make me a card or sign to celebrate. My workshop has become a museum of sorts collecting all the Father’s Day crafts I’ve gotten over the years. These past few Father’s Days I’ve made a habit of sneaking out before everyone wakes up to fish the local pond for an hour or two as the sun rises. But before I head out, I toss a brisket in the smoker to make sure we’ve got a feast ready for dinner time. The rest of the day is spent soaking up as much time as I can with my family while making sure the smoker stays at the right temp and hopefully sneaking in a nap on the couch. My wife makes my favorite cornbread recipe (creamed corn is the secret!) to go with dinner, and then we wrap up the day with a great big barbecue brisket feast. I really couldn’t ask for a better day.”

— Mike Kumlin, E-mail CRM Manager