close up of steak tips and vegetables on a metal skewer

6 Skewer Recipes to Keep Your Grill Sizzling

One of the most interesting ways of cooking meat on a grill is with a skewer, commonly known as a kebab. The kebab has a storied past, and most culinary traditions have their own unique, delicious version. From Moroccan lamb kebabs to fajita skewers, here’s a recipe roundup that will […]

buffalo chicken on the grill

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

The perfect buffalo chicken sandwich recipe does exist, and it’s right here. This easy recipe takes you from chicken breast to a delicious sandwich smothered in blue cheese and hot sauce in about 15 minutes. You can use an outdoor griddle for this recipe, but it’s just as easily cooked […]

grilling steak chicken and salmon over open fire

Camping Cooking Tips From Chefs

Cooking outside can be the ultimate sensory experience—with the tastiest reward. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as cooking over an open fire and an open sky, working with just a few basic tools. Whether you’re camping or glamping, a delicious meal is a perfect way to end a day exploring […]

A group of people and a dog having a picnic in the park

6 Summer Snacks for Any Outdoor Gathering

Be it a day at the beach, a hike in the woods, a family sporting event, or an afternoon in the park, you’re going to get hungry. Hot, summer days can often sap our appetites, which makes having healthy, delicious food choices on hand even more essential. As you head […]

people raising their glasses around a picnic table with food on it

5 Ways to Eat Outside with ButcherBox Complete

Summer is the season for eating outside with others. Whether you’re joining a backyard BBQ, a family picnic in the park, or an off-grid camping trip, there is one rule to cooking outdoors: the simpler the prep, the better. Our answer is ButcherBox Complete; a line of fully cooked products, […]

butcherbox steaks on the grill

For Grilling Season — The Best Beef Cuts From The Chuck

One of the greatest food traditions of all—for us steak lovers, at least—is the annual reappearance of grills. They are cleaned, repaired, and lit once more each spring and summer as we undertake that simple pleasure: Cooking outside. In our opinion, there is nothing that compares to the experience of […]


How to Grill Large Cuts – Brisket, Whole Chickens, and More

If you’re cooking a large cut of meat—like a whole chicken, or a prime rib, maybe—you’re probably gonna head straight to the oven and start roasting. Today, though, we’d like to inspire you to get a little adventurous and go outside and grill those bigger cuts. Large cuts of meat […]

how to grill pizza

Fired Up for Grilled Pizza

Making pizza at home typically involves blasting your oven as high as it will go—which, in the thick of summer, can be a tough sell. And while homemade pizza is a fun project, it’s even more fun to take the process outside to the grill for some trial, error, and […]

How to Make the Best Spice Rubs for Grilling

Blend for ample flavor on the grill—plus recipes to follow. Spices amplify beef, pork, poultry, fish, and vegetables when thoughtfully applied. Getting the combinations just right can make or break anything you cook on the grill. Here are a few tips worth considering when deciding which spices to pair with […]

outdoor cooking with kids chicken steak

Cooking Camp: 5 Tips for Cooking Outdoors with Kids

It’s summer, the season of outdoor cooking. You may be plenty acquainted with grilling out in the sun, or going camping and skewering hot dogs over a campfire. But how often do you involve your kids in your outdoor cooking exploits? Today, we’d like to introduce you to the idea […]