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roast pork butt in dutch oven

9 Flavorful Meals You Can Make in a Dutch Oven

Something about the cooler fall weather makes us want to break out our Dutch ovens—it’s probably because they’re the perfect vessel for hearty soups, stews, and braised meats. That’s just the kind of hearty comfort food we crave as the temperature drops. What is a Dutch oven? A thick-walled cooking […]

friendsgiving table with friends raising glasses

How to Pull Off Friendsgiving this Year (2020)

I have always considered Friendsgiving as the highlight of the holiday season. For starters, what better way to kick off the usually hectic, over-scheduled, and joyful few months that make up the holidays than with good friends and good food? For the past five years, I’ve hosted Friendsgiving in Boston—usually […]

tailgating in the backyard on bigscreen

Tips for Tailgating from Home This Fall

The game may not be the same—that doesn’t mean your party has to be tame. Football isn’t the same this year—whether it’s zero to limited fans in the stands or a seemingly ever-shifting game schedule (Tuesday Night Football?!?). Because of this, pre-game tailgating cannot happen in the traditional manner either. […]

a person shredding chicken

An Easy, No-Waste Meal Plan for School Lunches

A whole chicken goes a long way. Many students of all ages are now learning from home. And whether you’re a parent cooking for your kids or an undergrad trying to cook for yourself, making lunches—especially different recipes—every day can get tedious, real fast. A way to help lower the […]

mom teaching kids to cook

Learning to Cook With Kids

I have to tell you: I’ve never been big on sharing the kitchen with my kids. I’m a writer with a couple of cookbooks and many recipes to my name, someone who cooks dinner most nights and who is happiest puttering in a (clean, quiet) kitchen, not gritting my teeth […]

plan your shopping

How to Get Organized Before Going Grocery Shopping

This is a guest post by Jennifer Hanway, a board-certified holistic nutritionist, certified personal trainer, and a health and wellness writer and speaker. You can check out her site for more. Every time I visit Amy, my mother-in-law, at her home in upstate New York, I marvel at her organizational […]

sunday roast

Roast Away Your Sunday Blues

For a lot of people, Sunday isn’t the most joyous of days. It’s supposed to be a day to relax and enjoy the freedom of the weekend, but more often than not, anticipation and dread for the upcoming workweek creep in. This headspace has many names. The Sunday Blues. The […]

dinner at home

6 Easy Steps to Bring the Restaurant Experience Home

Eating at a restaurant is, quite simply, about people being together. Nothing is more satisfying or exhilarating—for guests and employees alike—than that perfect moment when the dining hour reaches its peak, when the room is packed, the lights dim, and the entire environment comes alive with the music, joy, and […]

pork butt tacos

7 Fall-Apart Tender Ways to Enjoy Pork Butt

Pork butt is an unbelievably versatile cut of meat: It works as a roast, for pulled pork, and responds well to virtually any flavor profile. It’s a barbecue classic, but it has many other uses, thanks to its rich marbling and plenty of connective tissue for added flavor. You can, […]

5-spice chicken sandwich

These 5 Spices Make a DIY Dry Rub for Any Meat

It’s almost impossible these days to walk through a grocery store or farmer’s market without seeing a new artisanal spice mix or homemade barbecue sauce. But why spend money on expensive spice mixes when you can quickly put together a delicious and flexible spice rub at home using items you […]


8 Dinners You Can Make with a Handful of Ingredients

So often, we feel like gourmet dinners require hours in the kitchen and long grocery lists. But, in truth, eating well really just means combining a few quality, nutritious ingredients in a reasonable time span. That’s what we set out to prove with these recipes, which keep the ingredient lists […]

records cooking music

Cooking Music: The Key Ingredient in Our Kitchens

Anyone who considers themselves a cook — whether that be a master chef, a harried mom making dinner for a family of six, or a fan of every cooking show on the planet — has more than a few kitchen idiosyncrasies. It may be a favorite knife, a certain cutting […]