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6 Comforting Chicken Sausage Recipes

Last Updated on April 5, 2022

Chicken sausage offers the rich, juicy flavors of traditional pork sausage, but holds a fraction of the salt and fat content, making it a lean yet flavor-packed option.

With varieties like sweet Italian sausage and apple sausage, it’s easy to substitute chicken sausage into recipes that call for pork sausage. From French and Creole classics like cassoulet and jambalaya, to autumn favorites like stuffing and butternut squash soup, chicken sausage is a highly versatile option for healthy, home-cooked meals.

New England Bean and Bog Cassoulet

Cassoulet is a rich, traditional French stew, featuring meat, beans, and vegetables. This New England take on the dish features Boston baked beans, chicken thighs, and chicken sausage, fire-roasted tomatoes, bog-harvested cranberries, and day-old croissants. Start on the stove, finish in the oven, and enjoy this hearty blend of old-world tradition with new-world flavors.

Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a staple of traditional Creole cooking. This spicy dish boasts a punch of flavor, and is perfect for a quick yet hearty weeknight dinner. Lightly toasted rice, fresh scallions, tomatoes, and green peppers, and chicken thighs and chicken sausage mix together in this one-pan meal that will make you feel like you’ve stepped out of your home and into the Louisiana bayou.

Sausage and Roast Chestnut Stuffing

Cold-weather food is all about comfort, and this sausage and roast chestnut stuffing is just the trick for crisp, chilly days. Replace the pork sausage with Italian chicken sausage, or another variety of your choice. The nuttiness of the chestnuts and toasted baguette balance the richness of the sausage to make this a body-warming side dish, perfect to accompany a roast chicken dinner.

Chicken Sausage Gyros

There may be many opinions on how to pronounce gyro, but there is little dispute to the popularity and deliciousness of this Mediterranean staple. With chicken sausage as the central protein, this traditional wrap is packed with onions, tomatoes, and a fresh goat cheese tsatziki sauce. Perfect for a quick at-home lunch, or as a low-maintenance dinner with friends.

Butternut Squash and Sausage Soup

This soup recipe combines all the comforting flavors of autumn and winter and key ingredients that are part of a healthy diet. Butternut squash, kale, and cannellini beans provide the base of this winter-warmer, with onions and apple chicken sausage rounding out the salty and sweet flavor profile. Ready in just 40 minutes, and topped with finely grated Parmiagano, this soup is perfect for a cold winter evening by the fire.

Couscous Stuffed Acorn Squash

Stuffed squash is a fall and winter favorite for good reason. In this recipe, the sweet, nutty flavors of acorn squash are balanced with the rich saltiness of chicken sausage, earthy mushrooms, and topped with shredded parmesan cheese. Comfort food has never been so warming and so delicious.

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