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8 Pork Chop Recipes to Make Any Night of the Week

Last Updated on March 1, 2024

Pork chops sometimes get a bad rap: If you overcook them, they can end up dry and flavorless. But when you start with our heritage breed pork chops, and choose a great recipe, they’re sublime.

All of these recipes are perfect for busy weeknights, and make the best of pork chops, no matter what flavor you’re craving. You’ll want to add them all to your list of favorites.

Honey Lemon Pork Chops

These honey lemon pork chops are super-flavorful and so simple, ready in just 35 minutes. Plus, you only need lemon, honey, garlic, rosemary, and a few other basic ingredients, and you won’t even have to turn on the oven. With just one pan and a few minutes on the stove, you’re good to go.

Parmesan Pork Chops with Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette

parmesan pork chops

If you love chicken parmesan, these Parmesan pork chops with cherry tomato vinaigrette will be your jam. Dip the chops in a mix of seasoned breadcrumbs and Parmesan and pan fry, then bake to finish. Meanwhile, whip up the bright tomato vinaigrette with cherry tomatoes, shallots, olive oil, and red wine vinegar. The result is sweet, saucy, cheesy, crunchy — it hits all the notes.

Grilled Boneless Pork Chops with Red Pepper Romesco

Here’s a 20-minute meal that’s fast and easy but feels restaurant-worthy. Grilled boneless pork chops with red pepper romesco features a vibrant sauce made with roasted red peppers, almonds and basil over simply grilled chops. If you have extra sauce left over, enjoy it with cut-up vegetables or on top of an omelet.

Apple Cider Brined Pork Chops with Cabbage and Apples

The cider-based brine in this recipe infuses the chops with flavor and keeps them extra juicy. After brining, the chops cook up quickly in the oven. Top them with a mix of sautéed cabbage, sweet apples and onion for a satisfying meal. Serve roasted baby potatoes on the side to round out the plate.

Rosemary Brined Pork Chops with Cider Mustard Vinaigrette

rosemary brined pork chops

Here’s another take on brined chops, this time with rosemary taking center stage. Brine the chops in the morning, then cook them up quickly at dinnertime. On the side there’s an arugula and blue cheese salad with a cider-mustard vinaigrette, so the whole plate is full of rich flavors.

Pork Chops with Sweet and Spicy Peppers

A tangle of bell and poblano peppers and onion gives these chops tons of flavor. With your meat and vegetables all cooked together in one skillet, all you need is some roasted polenta medallions on the side to complete this 30-minute meal.

Herby Pork Chops with Fennel and Radish Slaw

Bone-in pork chop fans, get ready: These simple herb-crusted chops are about to become your go-to. They cook up quickly in a hot skillet, and pair perfectly with the sweet-peppery radish and fennel slaw on the side. This dish is simple enough for a weeknight, but dressed up enough for company.

Instant Pot Pork Chops and Savory Gravy

Forgot to thaw your pork chops? No problem — thanks to the magic of the Instant Pot and this recipe, you can still have dinner on the table in 40 minutes. A simple spice mix gives the chops tons of flavor, and you can make the luscious gravy right in the pot. Mashed potatoes on the side would make it a perfect plate.


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