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The 5 Basic Rules for Cooking Meat Perfect Every Time

Last Updated on October 24, 2020

Chef Yankel and the ButcherBox Kitchen share the top tips for cooking meat perfectly every time.

1. Use a meat thermometer.

Use a digital meat thermometer to cook your meat to the right temperature.

2. Choose the right cooking method: Dry direct heat or moist indirect heat.

Grilling, searing, roasting. Or steaming, boiling, braising. The video breaks down Chef Yankel’s tips for knowing which methods to use. Also, check out the guide to common cuts of beef and the methods to use for each.

3. Season your meat.

Salt is meat’s best friend. You can’t go wrong with salt and pepper, or mix it with spices, use in a marinade, or feature in a rub.

We believe coarse kosher salt works best.

4. Sear in flavor.

Browning the meat is what really makes your meat taste so good.

5. Post-cooking tips.

Rest the meat, letting it continue to cook evenly. Slice the meat perpendicular against the grain for the most tender bite.

The ButcherBox Films team is Yankel Polak, Scot Yount, and Corey Nichols.