Lobster Tempura

Tempura is a Japanese cooking technique that requires you to coat foods, such as meat, vegetables, or seafood, in a delicate batter and deep fry it. It uses just flour, egg, and ice water to create a crispy exterior. The key to getting the right texture is to use chilled […]

Lobster and scallion fritters in a bowl with chopped scallions sprinkled on top

Lobster and Scallion Fritters

Bursting with big pieces of cold-cracked lobster, these fritters are a snack you’ll want to keep all to yourself. You don’t need a fryer for this recipe—just a deep pan and enough oil to cover your fritters—so it’s perfect for whenever you’re looking for a quick, crunchy bite. These lobster […]

hot buttered lobster rolls

Hot Buttered Lobster Roll

Bring a New England favorite to your table. This “Connecticut-style” lobster roll recipe has a slight twist and big flavor. Plus, it’s ready in under 15 minutes.