peanut butter chocolate truffles and bacon

Bacon Peanut Butter Truffles

Chocolate, bacon, and peanut butter? Come on. This decadent combination brings the perfect mix of salty, sweet, and savory together in a bite-sized mouthful that can’t be resisted. These tasty treats are surprisingly simple and a great addition to any friendly gathering.

pumpkin lasagna

Pumpkin Lasagna for a Cozy Dinner

Lasagna. The queen of all casseroles. Lasagna is a time-intensive project, there’s no getting around it. But what better way to spend a winter afternoon than making a super-satisfying dish with a festive presentation for a cozy wintry dinner—whether that’s for an easy holiday meal or not. Freeze a few […]

bacon pancake bread

Bacon Pancake Bread

Bacon pancake bread is a legendary addition to breakfast. Grab some ButcherBox bacon and whip it this up this weekend. Just make sure to invite some guests, or you might be tempted to eat the whole thing by yourself. This sweet bread is a perfect combo of fluffy pancake, savory […]

pork skewers with assorted peppers

Easy BBQ Pork Skewer

Fire up the grill, and grab some skewers. These BBQ pork skewers are quick, easy, and delicious. All you need is ButcherBoxTM pork chops, our take on all purpose dry rub, and Primal Kitchen BBQ sauce.

spicy candy bacon

Candied Cajun Bacon

Bacon is perfect on its own. But, we’ve found that a little dash of sugar can create a candied bacon treat that adds a bit of sweet to the savory flavor of bacon. This recipe kicks our candied bacon recipe up a notch with a hint of spice. Enjoy this […]

homemade candied bacon

Candied Bacon

We’re not sure there’s anything better than crispy, savory bacon. But these days, candied bacon makes a strong contender for the brunch, bar and Bloody-Mary-topping favorite. This simple recipe from Chef Yankel features ButcherBox bacon, maple syrup, sriracha, and brown sugar.

Spicy Curry Sausage

This Thai-inspired sausage has seven ingredients and is bursting with flavor. Plus, we’ve added easy substitutions for ingredients you might already have on hand. Similar to a Northern Thai Sai Ua Sausage — This sausage recipe is similar to recipes for sausages from Laos and Thailand. The use of curry […]

Homemade Breakfast Sausage

Breakfast just isn’t complete without this key element: Homemade breakfast sausage. This breakfast sausage recipe features our ground pork and a few simple spices for a savory morning favorite.

Hot Italian Sausage

Chili pepper is the key to this homemade hot Italian sausage recipe. Easy to mix together and throw on the grill or cook in a skillet, this hot sausage is great packed into a bun with some mixed peppers or served by itself. Don’t worry if you’re not all about […]