Why Choose Subscription Meat Boxes Over the Supermarket?

Last Updated on June 12, 2024

Closeup side view of unrecognizable woman choosing meat at local supermarket.

With fresh meat prices taking a big bite out of your grocery budget, it can be tempting to look for bargains at the supermarket. Buying supermarket meat, whether pre-packaged or from the butcher counter, may not be your best option, though. 

Supermarket Meat Concerns

Grabbing a pound of ground beef from the grocery store cooler or picking up a pack of discount chicken breasts might seem like a good idea at the time, but there are reasons to reconsider choosing supermarket meat. Here are a few concerns you might want to think about before deciding to buy fresh meats from the supermarket.

Unknown Sourcing

Meat at the supermarket passes through many handling and packaging companies before reaching the consumer, so even the people working the butcher counter don’t always know where it originated. In some cases, ground beef may be made up of meat from multiple animals.

Risks of Improper Handling

Grocery store meat is often frozen and thawed, sometimes a dozen times or more, before being sold. This increases the risk of contamination and changes the texture and taste of the meat.

Meat Safety Concerns

Have you ever noticed an announcement on the TV, radio or internet announcing a meat recall due to bacterial contamination? The unknown origin of most supermarket meat and the fact that it goes through multiple rounds of handling before reaching the store makes it particularly susceptible to becoming contaminated.

Benefits of a Subscription Meat Box 

Fortunately, there’s an alternative to buying meat from the supermarket: meat subscription services that send fresh, high-quality meat directly to your door. Want to know more about why you should consider a subscription meat box in lieu of cheap supermarket meat? Keep reading.

High-Quality, Humanely Raised Meat

While the source of meat from the grocery store may be unknown, subscription box beef, chicken and seafood from ButcherBox are certified through independent third-party organizations, meeting quality and animal welfare standards.

With options like grass-fed beef, crate-free vegetarian-fed pork, free-range chickens and wild-caught seafood, you can feel comfortable that the protein options you serve your family are high quality and ethically sourced.

Convenient Fresh Delivery

Ordering meat from a subscription box service ensures you get it on your preferred delivery date so you can plan meals confidently. The meat is frozen before shipping and can easily be stored in the freezer until you’re ready to defrost your beef, pork, chicken or seafood before use.

Interested in having a versatile, high-quality selection of meat delivered right to your doorstep? Get started with ButcherBox today!

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