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Happy Mother’s Day from the ButcherBox Team

Last Updated on December 22, 2020

While many of us like to think we celebrate and show appreciation for the moms in our life every day, we’re likely all a little guilty of taking Mom for granted.

Having a day dedicated to celebrating our mothers is a way for us to all slow down and really take the time to honor those very important women in our lives. For many moms, Mother’s Day isn’t about a big, extravagant celebration. It’s about spending quality time with the ones they love.

Since Mother’s Day might look a little different this year, the team at ButcherBox wanted to share what this holiday means to us and how we’re planning to celebrate.

Whether it was our moms diving into what made the day special for them, our dads talking about annual traditions with their kids, or the many that simply celebrate their moms, the outline of the day runs the gamut, but the sentiment is the same. Quality time trumps extravagance and a meal at home plays a very important role.

From the team at ButcherBox we wish all the moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day.



“I have four kids ranging from 19 to 15, so a picturesque Mother’s Day for me is no fighting! While we don’t have any specific traditions, Mother’s Day is the one day they are very willing to do whatever I want, and I like the flexibility in that. This year we’ll probably do an outside activity, like a run, hike, or a game of some sort. We always spend special times at home with good food, and steak is definitely a go-to favorite, so hopefully, that is on the menu!”

– Dena, Head of Finance


mom and son laughing at meal


“At our house, from the moment we wake up until everyone is in bed, Mother’s Day is all about showering my wife with all the love and appreciation we possibly can. The day always starts with breakfast in bed delivered by my son Archie and me. This will be the first year our daughter Lola is a part of the festivities! A big mug of coffee, some fresh fruit, toast, bacon, and eggs have been on the menu these past few years.

“Typically in the afternoon, we head to my mother’s house where we get three generations of moms together for a great big potluck-style feast. My go-to dish is al pastor tacos made from a ButcherBox pork butt of course. I guess that part will likely be different this year, but I still plan on making the tacos, mainly because my wife has already asked me if I’m making them. They’ve become a bit of a tradition these past few years!”

-Mike, E-mail CRM Manager



“When I was pregnant with my daughter, River, my husband and I started a tradition of doing a Mother’s Day brunch at home. I do the cooking for our family generally, and it’s no different for Mother’s Day; my husband cleans, which, if you ask me, is definitely the short end of the stick. To me, the day isn’t about me, it’s about us as a family. River is a year-and-a-half old, and she’s just starting to take an interest in cooking with me—mostly dumping ingredients half in the bowl and half on the floor, but I’ll take it!

“Our menu will include eggs, ButcherBox bacon, and my famous gluten-free waffles topped with our favorite toppings—my husband goes for peanut butter, bacon, and maple syrup, I use mine like toast and top with bacon and eggs.”

-Callie, Head of Member Experience


mom and daughter eating breakfast bacon


“Growing up, the tradition we had back in Mexico for Mother’s Day included the whole extended family. We’d celebrate as a family, particularly for my grandmother, and each family would bring up a different plate, usually the same one, year after year.

“Now that I am married and have two little boys, we keep Mother’s Day pretty simple for my wife. Flowers and a good meal equal a successful Mother’s Day in her book! I try to mix it up every year with what I cook, usually trying to make something with everything we have on hand for dinner, but breakfast is the consistent meal year after year, bacon, pancakes, and sliced fruit. Simple but special.”

-Felipe, Financial Systems Analyst



“Mother’s Day in our house is truly all about the moms. I never pass up a chance to have brunch, so I enjoy brunch with four generations of women—my grandmother, my mom, my daughter, and me. As for pre-brunch, my picturesque Mother’s Day is sleeping until 7 a.m., not having to reheat my coffee (hey, a mom can dream, right?), and then spending the day as a family just hanging out.”

– Kathleen, Senior Legal Affairs


mom feeding kid fruit for breakfast


“Although my mother passed away right before I turned 13, Mother’s Day has always been a special, yet emotional day for me. Mother’s Day is the one day I really take time to remember her the most and relive the time I had with her, even though we don’t get to spend it together. As the years have passed, I’ve realized just remembering her, talking about her, and sharing all the amazing parts of her is the most important thing to keeping her memory alive.”

– Margaux, Affiliate Marketing Manager



“Mother’s Day is pretty low key in our house. With three boys ranging from 10 to 12, every other day of our lives is hectic, so my wife enjoys the slower speed of the day. I know Mother’s Day brunch is pretty popular, but we put the focal point on dinner. This year we’re hoping to have a cookout in the backyard, assuming the weather cooperates!”

– Tom, Chief Financial Officer


Kerin Norton is the Head of PR and Content Strategy at ButcherBox.