momosa bar

The Most Instagrammable Mimosa Bar Ever 

Last Updated on May 6, 2020

Did someone say Mom-osa?

Yes, that’s right! Celebrate Mom with the perfect brunch set up— one that is ideal for home, FaceTime, or Zoom.

mimosa bar

Making the ultimate mimosa bar is easier than you think, and we’ve got the steps to help you create an ultimate brunch celebration at home. (Bonus: It will look great to the friends you invite via Zoom and in any screenshots your guests take.)

Here are some of our social media tricks for making the perfect scene for entertaining:

1. Setting the space. Whether you prefer to use a large dining room table, a corner of your counter space, or your kitchen island we recommend you designate a space for your “Mimosa Bar.”

Think of it like the ultimate Instagrammable opportunity —even if the rest of the kitchen is chaotic. Put down a decorative napkin or tablecloth, use natural or candlelight to create some ambiance, and use the fruit you’re not juicing as decor.

2. Prep the night before. Pick out your prettiest glasses! If you don’t have a carafe to display orange juice, consider using a vase or a mason jar.

Pro tip: Wrap a ribbon or some twine around the jar and add a tag for some charm!  If you don’t have an ice tin to keep the champagne chilled, what else do you have? A small cooler or even a mixing bowl could do the trick!

3. Get your garnishes together. Sliced oranges, a sprig of rosemary, and small dishes with sugar or dried rosemary help create a scene straight out of a lifestyle blog. So get creative and wow your friends and followers.

mimosa bar orange juice and grapefruit juice

4. Mocktails are just as good as cocktails. Make it fun for the kids and moms-to-be by setting out some seltzer and sparkling water. And, if you have any decorative straws, share them enthusiastically—any kids present will likely go through any and all variations you have.

5. Show off your home décor. Whether you share the set up with the family at home, on your weekly family Zoom call, or your social networks, you can feel great about setting up an Insta-worthy space with the things you have lying around the house. So go grab the succulents off your window sill and pour another one!

drinking a mimosa at a mimosa bar

Now that you have your set up, it’s time to move on to the main meal! Check out all our mother’s day recipes below.

Amanda Gray is the Social Media Manager at ButcherBox.