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Everything You Want To Know About Marinades, Dry Rubs, and Brines

Last Updated on July 23, 2021

You can take any cut of meat or seafood to another level if you have a good knowledge of dry rubs, marinades, and brines. In this video, we’ll break down the differences between the three ways to add flavor to your dishes and share simple flavor-boosting tips you’ll be sure to savor.

In this video, we’ll cover:

  • Dry Rubs – Basically salt and spice combinations, when to use them, and how they work with different meats.
  • Brines – Salts, spices, and aromatics and how much to mix with water and ice to brine larger cuts of meat.
  • Marinades – When to use marinades, how to marinate and for how long, and the best ways to combine acids, fats, dried spices, as well as herbs and aromatics for the tastes you want.

The ButcherBox Films team is Yankel Polak, Scot Yount, and Corey Nichols.