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Everything You Need for the Best Thanksgiving Yet

Last Updated on November 19, 2021

The biggest cooking day of the year: It’s almost here. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving Day, you’re probably looking for ways to make it go smoothly so you don’t spend the run-up and the day feeling stressed and harried. We have your back!

Before we dive into all things turkey and gravy and stuffing and sides, we wanted to highlight some resources for further learning about Thanksgiving’s roots, and what the day means for the Indigenous people of this country.

While the origins of this national holiday aren’t as straightforward as the stories we all learned growing up, it’s still a special day of gratitude—and a delicious one. For folks who are hosting, we’ve rounded up some resources to help make your Thanksgiving run as smoothly as possible.

ButcherBox Guide to Turkey:

This guide tells you everything you need to know about turning out an excellent bird this Thanksgiving. From safe thawing to seasoning and knowing when the turkey is ready, we have you covered with plenty of resources to guide you to success.

Simple Thanksgiving Menu:

Our Thanksgiving menu covers the core components of the feast, plus a couple of fun sides – all with recipes.

Detailed Thanksgiving Timeline:

As any prep cook will tell you, the way to get through a big stretch of cooking is to prep in advance and work off of a detailed list. We put one together – based on a menu we think you’ll like – to help you spread out the work and lighten the lift on the day-of.

Thanksgiving Shopping List:

thanksgiving table turkey 2021

You’re welcome! Based on a menu of basics and a couple of good side dishes, we made a master grocery list for you, organized by food category.

So go forth, give thanks, and get cooking!

The ButcherBox Kitchen Team works hard to give you confidence you need to pull off any kitchen endeavor.