wholesome yum keto carmelized onion meatball

Wholesome Yum’s Keto Caramelized Onion Meatball Recipe

This is a guest recipe from Maya Krampf, the founder of Wholesome Yum and the author of the recently published Wholesome Yum Easy Keto Cookbook.  Both of my kids are obsessed with my mom’s kotleti—delicious Russian meat patties that use oats as a binder. So naturally, they aren’t keto- friendly. […]

bulgogi beef

An Easy Bulgogi Beef Skillet Recipe from Paleohacks

If you’re craving takeout, try this easy, one-skillet beef bulgogi recipe from our friends at Paleohacks for sweet and spicy flavor with zero soy, MSG, or preservatives! Bulgogi is a popular Korean recipe that translates literally to “fire meat.” Super-thin slices of strip steaks, sirloin steak, or ribeye are marinated in spices until tender, […]


Steak and Sweet Potato Hash

If you’re looking for a stick-to-your-ribs kind of breakfast with minimal cleanup and maximum flavor, look no further than this steak and sweet potato hash. With antioxidant-rich veggies, grass-fed flank steak, and pastured eggs, you’ll have a protein-filled meal that keeps you satisfied until lunch. The best part: You make […]


Honey BBQ Meatballs for A Crowd

Get ready to be the most popular person at the potluck: These honey BBQ meatballs are sweet, smoky, and so satisfying. They also happen to be on the healthier side (we won’t tell anyone if you won’t), thanks to grass-fed ground beef and homemade barbecue sauce. Store-bought barbecue sauces are […]

korean beef bowl

Hearty Korean-Inspired Beef Buddha Bowls

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to takeout, look no further than this Korean-inspired Buddha bowl. It’s filled with ground beef and a colorful array of vegetables, and finished with a flavorful sauce made with coconut aminos, sesame oil and ginger. One of the most satisfying components of this […]


Slow-Cooker Barbacoa Beef Tacos

Here’s a recipe with deep, complex flavor that’s simple to make thanks to that kitchen hero, the slow cooker. Of course, a great barbacoa starts with a high-quality chuck roast. Grass-fed beef ensures the highest level of nutrients, like antioxidant-rich CLA. After a quick prep and sear on the meat, […]

The Simple and Sacred Beauty of Raising Pigs Naturally

I’ve just walked back in from tending to our pastured pigs. Rotating them to new pasture is quite a process and usually takes about 30 minutes. But that work time allowed me to watch purple martins dip and roll through the sky. I listened to red-winged blackbirds and western meadowlarks […]