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bone broth and noodle soup

Homemade Chinese Noodle Soup and Bone Broth

If I had to eat one dish forever, I would choose the noodle soups that are staples in the food cultures of many East Asian countries. I love all of them: Vietnamese pho, Japanese ramen, Tawainese beef noodle soup (Niu Rou Mian), Japanese udon, Korean beef soup (Galbitang)…the list goes […]

hainanese chicken

Hainanese Chicken and Rice for Lunar New Year

Hainanese chicken, which originated in Hainan, China, can be found in many countries in South East Asia. Popular in Singapore and Malaysia, this simple recipe has you delicately poach the chicken until just tender and with a gelatinous skin, as is served in Asia. Celebrating Lunar New Year in China […]

chicken congee

Chicken Congee (Rice Porridge) with Lunar New Year Chicken

Serving a whole chicken is typically part of Lunar New Year celebrations, so here’s an idea: Save the carcass and set aside any leftover meat. If you’re craving comfort food, look no further than chicken congee (also known as rice porridge or jook). This savory porridge will not only warm […]