Leigh Belanger

How To Make the Best Chicken Cutlets Even Better!

Who doesn’t love a chicken cutlet? It turns an ordinary piece of chicken into something rich, crunchy, and juicy. Chicken breasts are versatile enough on their own, but once you dredge them in breadcrumbs and pan fry them, well—it’s kind of like the transformation from Bruce Banner to the Incredible […]

butcherbox cod

Sustainable and Delicious – Cooking Alaskan Salmon and Cod at Home

When it comes to sustainable seafood, the information can be overwhelming. Which species should be avoided, what types of fishing gear are acceptable, is farmed fish okay? It’s a lot to consider—which is why we love wild-caught Alaskan seafood. ButcherBox sources its sockeye salmon from Bristol Bay, Alaska—a pristine region […]

how to grill pizza

Fired Up for Grilled Pizza

Making pizza at home typically involves blasting your oven as high as it will go—which, in the thick of summer, can be a tough sell. And while homemade pizza is a fun project, it’s even more fun to take the process outside to the grill for some trial, error, and […]

mom teaching kids to cook

Learning to Cook With Kids

I have to tell you: I’ve never been big on sharing the kitchen with my kids. I’m a writer with a couple of cookbooks and many recipes to my name, someone who cooks dinner most nights and who is happiest puttering in a (clean, quiet) kitchen, not gritting my teeth […]

grilling sausage chicken and steak for leftovers

Fresh Leftovers

In these weeks where we’re all staying home, preparing the day’s meals can start to feel a little like Groundhog Day—wasn’t I just standing in this exact same spot yesterday, making this exact same grilled cheese sandwich? And possibly the day before that? Even for the most devoted home cooks, […]

four different tacos

4 Takes on Taco Tuesday

While the world’s best tacos might be devoured late at night on a street corner in Mexico City, there’s really no wrong time or place to eat one. Appropriate for any meal; portable and versatile and inexpensive and delicious—tacos may actually be the perfect food. So if Taco Tuesday hasn’t […]

ham for breakfast

Making the Most of Leftover Ham 

Ham is to Easter what turkey is to Thanksgiving—the chance to puzzle creatively through the leftovers is a big part of why we serve such a large piece of meat in the first place. Early in the week after Easter Sunday, leftover ham might be taking up precious real estate […]

ham dinner

Ham it Up This Easter

Whether you celebrate Easter as a religious holiday or a secular one that welcomes spring, there’s typically a feast involved, often featuring a large hunk of meat. Worldwide, lamb (from sheep one year or younger) is traditionally eaten in the spring as a celebration of the start of the growing […]