Beth Lipton

Kushiyaki-Style Steak Skewers

You know those delicious grilled skewers you get at Japanese restaurants? That’s  kushiyaki (unless it’s chicken, then it’s yakitori). Made with a richly flavorful sauce (tare), it’s a favorite in Japan. You can DIY this crowd-pleasing dish at home using NY strip. It’s as simple as whisking together the sauce, slicing […]

Potato Chip-Crusted Sockeye Salmon

Crunchy, tangy and fun–this easy, crowd pleasing meal has it all. No need to remind everyone that it’s healthy, too. Crushed salt and vinegar potato chips make a perfect crust for quick-cooked, luscious wild-caught sockeye salmon. To switch up the flavor, try it with BBQ, ranch-flavored or another variety of […]

frozen chicken breasts

How to Air Fry Frozen Chicken Breasts

Add ButcherBox Skinless Chicken Breasts to the list of items you can toss in your air fryer frozen solid and quickly have a delicious, healthy cooked protein ready to go. Chop the cooked chicken and add to a salad or stir fry, slice and pile into a sandwich, or simmer […]


3 Easy Ways to Cook Sausage from Frozen

Sausage is a great option for quick dinners–but what if it’s time to cook, and you realize you forgot to thaw it? Good news: You have several options for cooking sausage from frozen that are fast and easy, and you don’t have to sacrifice flavor. What are sausage links vs. […]

How to Cook Filet Mignon in the Air Fryer

If you’re like us, you already use your air fryer to cook just about everything–why not use it to make one of your favorite steaks? Done right, filet mignon comes out tender and luscious in the air fryer, no oven or stove needed. In fact, you don’t even have to […]

butcherbox burgers

How to Cook Frozen Burgers in an Air Fryer (It’s Easy!)

Frozen burger patties are already one of the simplest proteins to get on the table fast–and now it’s even easier, thanks to the air fryer. Grab a patty straight from the freezer, season it, toss it in the fryer, and get your accompaniments ready while it’s cooking–you don’t even have […]

An Easy, Delicious Marinade for New York Strip Steak

Lean, tender NY Strip is a classic favorite–and though it’s perfectly delicious seasoned with just salt and pepper, a good marinade can take it to a whole other level.  Here’s a couldn’t-be-simpler marinade that comes together in seconds and uses items you probably have in your pantry. It will make your […]

seared flank steak

How to Air Fry a Frozen Steak

Whether you forgot to thaw your steak (#relatable) or you have a sudden-onset craving for steak and don’t have one thawed, knowing how to cook one from frozen is a handy skill. Time to break out the air fryer. Thanks to this fantastic appliance, you can go from “I want […]

Carnitas-Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins

Sweet, spicy, tangy, creamy–each bite of these stuffed sweet potato skins brings all the flavor. Cooked with a bit of orange peel for a touch of brightness, ButcherBox Pork Carnitas crisp up in a skillet in less than 10 minutes. We mixed it with barbecue sauce, spooned that into baked […]

Moroccan-Spiced Brisket with Onions, Carrots and Apricots

There’s nothing like a braise for making your kitchen smell amazing. Add the aroma of the luscious warm spices in Moroccan cuisine, and you’ll find yourself waiting by the oven for this dish to be ready. Along with our brisket, this dish also incorporates carrots, onions, dried apricots and capers […]

Denver Frittata

A classic Denver omelette is a diner favorite, loaded with sautéed onions, green bell peppers and, of course, chopped ham. Now you can make that same classic dish for a crowd without having to slave over individual omelettes. We transformed this combo into a frittata, featuring ButcherBox applewood smoked ham. […]