Beth Lipton

green goddess steak salad

Green Goddess Steak Salad

We love a trendy dish from TikTok, including Melissa Ben-Ishay’s green goddess salad. So we decided to make our own version, featuring ribeyes, of course. The luscious, seared steak transforms the crunchy, refreshing salad into a protein-rich, satisfying meal. The dressing is our take on the classic green goddess, with […]

steak salad with chilis and squash

Harvest Steak Salad with Chili Roasted Squash

Autumn and winter salads are so often topped with super-sweet ingredients like dried cranberries and candied nuts—but you can enjoy the flavors of the seasons without the over-the-top sweetness. Add spices like chili powder and rosemary, a touch of sweetness with balsamic vinegar, butternut squash, and a strategic touch of […]

ribs with a cider glaze and ancho chili rub

Cider-Glazed Ancho Chili-Rubbed Ribs

Just because you’ve put the grill away for the season doesn’t mean ribs are off the menu. Cover them with a spicy, smoky spice rub, let them cook low and slow in the oven until the meat is falling off the bones, and you’re in business. These ribs celebrate autumn […]

cast iron steaks with french onions

French Onion Filet Mignon

French onion soup is so rich and luscious, and so is filet mignon. Why not put them together? Transform the flavors of the soup into a luxurious topping for filet and you have a dressed-up meal that’s easy to make but feels special, perfect for an intimate date night at […]

bacon dutch baby

Grain-Free Maple Bacon and Apple Dutch Baby

A perfectly cozy dish for a Sunday brunch, this Dutch baby recipe will make you love the weekend even more. The saltiness and crunch of the bacon offsets the sweetness of the apple and maple syrup, and you don’t have to worry about whipping up batch after batch of pancakes. […]

sweet and sour pulled beef

Sweet and Sour Pulled Beef

Sweet and sour together is so satisfying, no wonder cuisines all over the world have their own versions of it. In this one, pineapple juice, ketchup, coconut aminos, honey, and ginger come together for a sauce that makes this pulled beef really sing. Look for no-sugar-added ketchup; if you don’t […]

roast lemon paprika chicken recipe

Lemon-Paprika Roast Chicken

Having a few roast chicken recipes up your sleeve is never a bad thing. This version, rubbed with smoked paprika and garlic powder, is simple and flavor-packed. Seasoning the bird a few hours ahead and leaving it uncovered in the fridge accomplishes two important things: Pre-seasoning helps the salt and […]

Tri-tip with mango salsa recipe

Chili-Rubbed Tri-Tip with Mango-Jalapeno Salsa

Tri-tip steak is a classic of California BBQ culture, first popularized in Santa Maria on California’s Central Coast. It’s since gone nationwide and is popular for grilling and roasting, although it might still be a newer cut for those on the East Coast. The triangular cut from the bottom sirloin […]

chipotle-cacao rubbed skillet sirloin filet

Chipotle-Cacao Rubbed Sirloin Filets

Sirloin filets are a ButcherBox favorite; it is one of our favorite steaks to cook because it is so quick and easy to grill or sear in cast iron, and always comes out tasting amazing. This recipe takes our sirloin filets to another level with a sweet and spicy rub […]

compound butter on a filet

Everything is Better with Butter(s)

You already know that butter by itself is delicious and adds flavor and richness to everything it touches. Here’s a way to take this refrigerator staple to a new level: Transform it into compound butter by softening it and mixing in chopped herbs, spices, or other flavorings. Compound butter is […]