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The Ultimate Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide

Last Updated on February 19, 2021

The season of gifting has arrived! If you’re wondering what to get that special home cook in your life, we’ve got great ideas thanks to some of our friends.

Surprise them with one (or some!) of these must-have gadgets that make time spent in the kitchen even better. And if you decide to treat yourself—we won’t tell.

The Lodge Pan Scraper

lodge cast iron scraperIt’s no secret—most of us prefer cooking as opposed to cleaning. But the Lodge Pan Scraper is here to make cleanup duty a breeze. It’s dishwasher safe, won’t collect food particles, and features an assortment of angles that’ll get into the nooks and crannies of your go-to cookware.


ThermoWorks Thermapen® Mk4 Thermometer

thermapenThis first-in-class gadget is perfect for the one who’s #1 in the kitchen. Trusted by home and professional chefs alike, this thermometer is the industry leader in speed, accuracy, and durability.


Our Place Always Pan

our placeTake a pass on the multi-cookware set and opt-in for the cult-favorite pan that does it all. With the Always Pan, you can braise, sear, steam, store—the list goes on. Those household favorite skillet recipes just got better.


DŌ Spatula with Conversion Chart

do spatulaThe dishwasher-safe, silicone rubber cookie dō spatula is perfect for all who love to whip up dinner and dessert. Plus, a conversion chart on the spatula means less math to do and more treats to be devoured.



Ultimate Burger Press

ultimate burgerA grill master’s biggest wish? A perfectly juicy burger. The Ultimate Burger Press is designed to make a donut-shaped patty, allowing what would be the succulent center to be on the outside ring of the burger with the caramelized outside. Give the gift of an amazing first bite this holiday season.


WÜSTOF Easy Edge Sharpener

wustof sharpenerMake a home cook’s dream a reality with this three-speed electric sharpener that’ll keep their knives on point. The Easy Edge Sharpener comes with a coarse belt already in place and three additional belts stored in its main compartment. This machine hones both straight edge and serrated blades leaving your go-to knives ready for the next culinary venture.


Anova Precision® Vacuum Sealer Pro

anovaWe know you’re not supposed to gift a vacuum for the holidays, but a vacuum sealer is a different story. Your favorite meal prepper or sous vide enthusiast will be in paradise with the Anova Precision® Vacuum Sealer Pro. They’ll enjoy a high-power vacuum, reliable double sealer, built-in bag storage and cutter, an accessory port for sealing containers, and the ability to seal wet foods without worry—all with just one hand.


Trader Joes List Smiley Spatula

spatulaWho said kitchen gadgets only have to be for utility? This smiley spatula (named Pat!) is the perfect gift for the one who loves function and fun in the kitchen. Pat is made from eco-friendly beechwood and can be used on all cookware surfaces. Here’s to gifting smiles all around for the holidays.


ButcherBox™ One-Time Gift Box

butcherbox gift boxWe’re a little biased, but for us, nothing beats a great meal no matter the time of year. This season, surprise the meat lover in your life with a one-time box of high-quality cuts. With curated gift box options ranging from all steak to a mix of our beef, pork, and chicken favorites (plus bacon!), you can bring the joy of great food right to that special someone’s doorstep.

Finding the right gifts for your favorite people can be a challenge. We hope this guide from us and our friends inspires a happy holiday season for you and yours.

And if any of these must-have gadgets found their way onto your kitchen counter, well, it was the thought that counted. Happy gifting!

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