A decorative, yet simple Thanksgiving table.

The More the Merrier: New Report Reveals that Americans’ Thanksgiving Tables Will Expand This Year 

Last Updated on September 17, 2023

After spending more time cooking at home, 70% of Americans report feelings of confidence or excitement heading into their hosting duties this Thanksgiving 

Sharing a Thanksgiving meal over Zoom with friends and family is becoming a practice of the past, it seems. After two years of having holiday celebrations upended due to the pandemic, Americans are eager to get back to their larger holiday gatherings.  

According to a recent study we conducted, 32 percent of Americans are expecting their Thanksgiving gathering size to increase compared to last year, with nearly a third of respondents (30 percent) reportedly hosting between 10-19 people around their table this year. An increase in table sizes means a decrease in hosting duties with nearly half of Americans planning to celebrate Thanksgiving as a guest, almost double the amount from last year. 

While the table size is increasing, the make-up of who is around the table is shifting too. Almost half of respondents (42 percent) reported that they’ll be celebrating the holidays with friends in addition to immediate and extended family, and more than a quarter of respondents (28 percent) report that they will be attending more than one dedicated Thanksgiving celebration this year, including Friendsgiving celebrations.

Whether roasting, slow cooking or deep frying, Americans are feeling self-assured about their Turkey cooking abilities this year. It seems that Americans may have become increasingly comfortable in the kitchen since the pandemic, with 36 percent of Americans reporting feelings of excitement and 33 percent reporting feelings of confidence about tackling this Thanksgiving menu staple.  

“It’s no secret that Americans have had to adjust to cooking and dining at home more often, increasingly pushing many inexperienced home chefs into the kitchen to learn new skills”, said Mike Salguero, founder and CEO of ButcherBox. “With food being at the center of many holiday celebrations, it’s great to see Americans finding confidence in the kitchen, getting back to hosting, and gathering around the table with friends and family to celebrate old traditions and make new ones.” 

Although Thanksgiving spirits are bright, inflation worries are plaguing the nation with more than half of Americans (56 percent) reporting that they expect inflation to impact their hosting ability this Thanksgiving. With larger gatherings expected this year, hosts are feeling some strain on their wallets.  

To help balance inflation concerns, ButcherBox Head Chef, Yankel Polak, weighed in on some easy meal-fix tips to help consumers gather around the table, stress-free:  

  • Rethink the Traditional Menu – Challenge your traditional menu by getting inventive in the kitchen and add some twists to your Thanksgiving side dishes.  Be sure to cut out items that are “extra” or don’t usually get eaten. 
  • Share the Hosting Duties – Invite your guests to be responsible for 1-2 dishes, helping keep costs down for the host and allowing guests to showcase their favorite or signature dishes and by incorporating different cultures into the meal. 
  • Get a Free Turkey. That’s right, free.  (Until 11/13/2022)
  • Level Up Your Leftovers – Thanksgiving sandwiches don’t have to be the only leftover creations. Get creative with your leftovers and create several different dishes with ingredients you have at home such as turkey hash, curry turkey soup, turkey stir-fry, or bone broth 

Kerin Norton is the Head of PR and Content Strategy at ButcherBox.