Regenerative Agriculture

Last Updated on June 27, 2024

The modern industrial food system focuses on the mass production of cheap food, prioritizing efficiency and compromising animal welfare, soil health, and worker health. We know there’s a better way. We are committed to making incremental steps toward a better meat ecosystem that considers the well-being of animals, the planet, and people. As we explore new ways to champion change, we believe regenerative agriculture can help us support a more resilient and sustainable meat ecosystem, all while putting better food on your plate. We’re proud to partner with farmers and ranchers who implement regenerative agriculture practices and share our passion to forge a new path for the future of food.  


What Is Regenerative Agriculture? 

Regenerative agriculture is a widely used term in food and farming that broadly implies the reliance on natural systems and the wisdom of Indigenous communities. Here at ButcherBox, we define regenerative agriculture as the process of growing crops or raising animals using the following practices based on soil health principles:   

  • Adaptive grazing that allows grazed land to rest and recover  
  • No-till planting to minimize disturbance of the soil  
  • Eliminate bare soil 
  • Cover crops to introduce biodiversity and support year-round soil health  
  • No or limited use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizer  


Prioritizing Soil Health   

Regenerative agriculture strives to work with nature rather than against it with practices that support healthier, more productive soils, improved water retention, increased biodiversity, and resilience to extreme weather events. Regenerative practices generally reflect the six principles of soil health:  

  • Understanding the context of the land  
  • Minimizing disturbance  
  • Maximizing diversity  
  • Covering the soil  
  • Maintaining live roots  
  • Integrating livestock  


 The Future of Farming 

We’re excited to introduce products sourced with regenerative agriculture practices to nurture a more sustainable future of food. As our regenerative agriculture journey evolves, check back for more information on our sourcing, standards, practices, and new products. 


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