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Cold-Cracked Lobster Demystified – Eventide’s Mike Wiley Answers Top Lobster Questions

Last Updated on August 23, 2023

Mike Wiley, the James Beard Award-winning chef from Portland, Maine’s Eventide Oyster Co. and Big Tree Hospitality, answers some of the top questions about how to cook cold-cracked lobster.

In this video, Mike answers questions like:

What are some of the best, most versatile ways to use cold-cracked lobster?

What are some things you can make with cold-cracked lobster?

How do you prepare cold-cracked lobster?

What is the quickest way to prepare a meal featuring lobster?

How do you know if lobster is done?

You can find some of Mike’s favorite lobster recipes here. And, for more on lobstering in Maine, check out our story on the Ready brothers seafood operation.