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Celebrating the B Corps We Love

Every year B Lab, the organization behind the B Corp certification, sets aside the month of March to celebrate the brands that have become Certified B Corporation™.

The month-long campaign is dedicated to building awareness and encouraging new audiences to buy from, do business with, or work for B Corps. With more than 4,000 B Corps in 74 countries, the celebration is an opportunity to foster collaboration between like-minded brands and to promote the B Corp mission.

Through the process of becoming a certified B Corp earlier this year, our team realized how many B Corp brands and companies they used in their day-to-day lives. In fact, some team members didn’t even realize that many of the brands they already supported were B Corps.

When our team members see the B Corp label on the products they’re buying, there’s a sense of comfort and trust. They know that they’re supporting companies committed to a greater good from an environmental, employee welfare, community involvement, and/or a diversity and equity standpoint.

In honor of supporting “better businesses,” the theme for this year’s B Corp Month, we asked our team to share some of their favorite B Corps, other than ButcherBox, of course.

Stonyfield Yogurt. I adore them and love the product! I may be biased since I interned there, but they always have the employees, dairy cows, and environment in mind when they make decisions. Their recycling practices and efforts to minimize waste are incredibly innovative and cool—like giving yogurt waste to local farmers for pig feed and using plant-based plastic when possible!

— Ashley V., Data Scientist


One thing I try to never compromise on is the food I buy for my family and now that ButcherBox is a B Corp, I’ve become even more vigilant about supporting businesses that are trying to do the right thing by creating food with integrity. As a mom with two small kids, I know I can always trust Once Upon a Farm to make pouches that are made from wholesome, real-food ingredients, that are also easy on-the-go meals that are not only nutritious but also super convenient!

— Tory F., Marketing Strategist


I purchased the Tom Bihn Aeronaut travel bag over 15 years ago on the advice of friends that had purchased other Tom Bihn products (the BrainBag is legendary for laptop carry). I liked it so much I bought one for my wife, and it has become our go-to for travel. We have carried these things all over the world and they are still going strong. The TB products are rock solid, and their customer service is fantastic!

— Todd G., Director, Information Technology


I have used Coursera and love its mission to provide education, continuous learning, and career development at a user’s own pace while giving a classroom feel without the costs for the same course at a university. At the same time, there is no GRE/TOEFL required for entrance and you can earn certification from Ivy League schools at little to no money.

— Sneha S., Financial Reporting  and Budgeting Manager


Opus Design is a Boston-based brand strategy and design firm that I am so proud to have worked with, both at ButcherBox and at previous companies. I’ve found the way they approach their work to be thoughtful and purposeful. Not only did their team help us develop a brand for our mission, “Believe in Better,” but their team also played a significant advisory role in the journey to ButcherBox becoming B Corp certified, which deserves major kudos.

— Dena D., Vice President, Finance


As a craft beer fan, Allagash Brewing is a B Corp brewery I am proud to support. Not only are they committed to sustainability with their own brewing practices, but they are making strides within the larger craft brewing community to educate other breweries on sustainability best practices. That cooperation to help make everyone better, despite competition, is something that really resonates with me as a consumer.

— Joe Kelly, Head of Support and Sales


My mum got my family hooked on Bombas socks two years ago when she got my siblings and I  pairs for Christmas. My collection has grown considerably since then, including a pair my cousin recently gave me with the Cookie Monster on them. For every item purchased, Bombas donates an item of clothing to people experiencing homelessness and they have committed to combating inequality and racism. I never need an excuse to buy comfortable socks, but Bombas certainly makes it easy to want to support them.

— Molly S., Head of People Ops.


Lake Champlain Chocolates out of Vermont is one of the many B Corps I support. Not only do I buy their chocolate in bulk, dream about their five-star bars, and refuse to eat any other brand of chocolate (half kidding), I can feel good that, through my purchases and interactions with this brand, I am reinforcing the fact that purchases matter and am supporting their ability to continue to strengthen their mission.

— Amanda G., Director, Social and Community


Wondering if the brands you support are B Corp certified? Check out the B Corp Directory here.

Kerin Norton is the Head of PR and Content Strategy at ButcherBox.