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5 Sweet and Savory Treats Featuring Bacon

Desserts are often just one note, all sweet — and while that can be delicious, it sometimes lacks a certain complexity. Enter bacon: With its crisp texture and salty, savory flavor, it can make for a truly ideal dessert enhancer. Just as a pinch of flaky salt can wake up […]

beef and wild rice soup

6 One-Pan Meaty Recipes for Busy Weeknights

There are some nights when the idea of cooking dinner and then slaving over a pile of post-meal dishes just seems impossible. This mostly happens on Mondays for us, but no day is truly safe. But there is a solution: One-pan recipes. It doesn’t matter what kind of pan; baking […]


The 3 Most Common Grilling Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

It seems easy enough: Light grill, throw meat on, flip it, then eat. But, as with most forms of cooking, there are nuances to grilling. And there are a few common grilling mistakes that rookies– and even experienced grillers–often make. Before you light the grill, read on to see what can […]

Steak surrounded by a bruschetta salad on a plate

6 Tips for Perfectly Marinated Meats

When you start with quality chicken, pork, and beef, you can often throw it directly on the grill with just a pinch of salt and pepper, and it will still come out tasting amazing. But a marinade—even a simple one—can take that protein to the next level. What’s a marinade? […]