Prop 12’s Impact on Advancing Humane Animal Treatment

In 2018, California voters approved Proposition 12, the Farm Animal Confinement Initiative (also known as Prop 12), which establishes minimum space requirements for housing animals, including calves raised for veal, breeding pigs (or sows), and egg laying hens. The law also bans the sale of protein from animals raised below […]

The ButcherBox Dry Ice team with their keys to our new Dry Ice Facility in Muscatine, Iowa

Our Supply Chain Journey: Making Dry Ice

Our goal is to ship only the highest-quality meats to our valued members. To be able to do that safely and efficiently, there are many complicated operational logistics. One of the most important ones is keeping the meat frozen.   This is where Dry Ice comes in.   Every single box is […]

farm aid 2021 logo

On the Road Again: ButcherBox Sponsoring Farm Aid 2021

ButcherBox is excited to announce—that for the second year—we are sponsoring Farm Aid. Since our inception, ButcherBox has prioritized the well-being of farmers and supporting family farming. We continue to stand with farmers of all walks of life and farming communities, and we are dedicated to increasing racial equity in the […]

eating outside

Americans Want To Host Dinner at Home, More Than Ever

Following more than 12 months of improving cooking skills at home—perfecting banana bread, sourdough starters, and TikTok pasta—Americans are ready to get back to hosting dinner parties. The results of a recent study conducted by ButcherBox found that Americans’ desire to host in their homes, once the pandemic is over, […]

butcherbox team over the years

What We’ve Learned in the First Five Years of ButcherBox

In the past five years, we’ve learned through building ButcherBox that when you believe in what you do, your mission can grow from a solid foundation. The initial motivation to start a monthly subscription-based company that delivered frozen meat to families across the country was to be able to provide […]

ButcherBox team picture 2020

Redefining ‘Out of the Office’

At the beginning of January, the entire ButcherBox team, 29 vendors and partners—as well as employees’ significant others and family members—met for three days for the 2nd Annual ButcherBox Summit in Islamorada, Florida. The Boston-based ButcherBox crew had been excited about an escape from the New England winter ever since […]


Introducing the Niman Ranch Digital Storefront Powered by ButcherBox

This week, we announced a partnership with sustainable agriculture trailblazer Niman Ranch to launch, a new digital storefront powered by ButcherBox that enables Niman Ranch customers to purchase products online. Through the new webpage, Niman Ranch customers can purchase pre-selected meat bundles or other Niman products, including sausage, pulled pork, bratwurst, and more. Niman Ranch […]