Cooking it Right: Lamb Racks & Roasts

Cooking lamb for the first time can be daunting –I get it. This blog post will help you prepare your holiday lamb — whether rack or roast — to perfection without any of the fuss or complexity brought on by hard-to-find ingredients and experimental cooking techniques. Want to skip straight […]

Slow-Roasted Boneless Leg of Lamb

So you’ve read our “Cooking it Right: Lamb Racks and Roasts” blog post and now you’re here. Hint: If you haven’t, you should. With just a handful of classic ingredients and a gentle oven roast, savor the tender juiciness of perfectly cooked lamb, sure to elevate any occasion.

Pan-Seared Rack of Lamb

Preparation is key! For optimal results, you’ll want to start prepping this lamb 2 days in advance. Allow one day for thawing and one day for marinating. Looking for more best practices to help you achieve the perfect cook? Check out this post.

Orange and Fennel-Rubbed Lamb Leg

One of the best and least stressful ways to cook for a group is to roast a large-format piece of meat, like this lamb leg. You rub it with a mixture of orange zest, sumac, chili flakes and fennel seeds, then toss it in the oven. While it roasts, you’re […]

Red Chile Piñon Crusted Lamb Chops

Food historian, author, organic farmer and chef Lois Ellen Frank shares her recipe for red chile marinated lamb racks crusted in a buttery pine nut crust and served with sautéed mustard greens. Not only is this recipe delicious, it’s also associated with historical southwest cuisine. Frank is based in New […]

Hariyali Lamb Tikka with Tomato Salad

Hariyali roughly translates to “garden” in Hindi, and is a perfect name for this dish. It’s a reference to the marinade, which is yogurt based and loaded with a garden’s worth of greens: Serrano peppers, cilantro, and mint, plus ginger, garlic and tons of fragrant spices. You marinate lamb in […]