Kiersten Hickman

beer and bbq

The Ultimate Summer Cooking Safety Guide

Backyard barbecues with speakers blaring, friends laughing, and sizzling burgers on the grill. Breezy beach days with fizzy drinks, cold sandwiches, and lots of sun tan lotion. Park hangs with picnic baskets, bottles of bubbly, and containers of tasty prepared snacks. No matter your ideal summer scenario, there’s always one […]

griling ribs and burgers

9 Clever Recipes You Can Make With Grilling Leftovers

Whether you just hosted a massive backyard barbecue or had a simple cookout with the family, it’s likely you’ll find yourself with some grilling leftovers. Hamburgers, steaks, pork chops, crispy chicken thighs, even shrimp skewers—all tasty favorites from your ButcherBox you would hate to see go to waste. And yet, […]

burgers and buns on grill

10 Expert Tips For Hosting an Outdoor BBQ This Summer

It is finally that time of year. The weather is getting warmer. The succulent summer produce is almost at its peak. And the summer barbecues are about to commence! With longer days and sunny weather, there’s nothing holding you back from hosting your very own outdoor BBQ. Whether it be […]