Kara McCartney

smoking meat

Guide to Smoking Meat at Home

Smoking meat is a prehistoric culinary art. In the past, the technique was used to preserve protein-rich foods. Smoking dehydrates meat and imparts antibacterial properties that keep it from spoiling quickly. While our ancestors used the method to preserve red meat and fish, today smoking is used for all kinds […]

barbecued steak

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Steaks

You’re putting together tonight’s dinner menu and want to make sure you are using the best cut of steak. Where do you start? Does a higher price point mean higher quality? Is bone-in better than boneless? Below, you’ll find out how to navigate the meat counter to select the perfect […]


The Carnivore Diet: What Is It?

Imagine a diet consisting of meat and potatoes, sans the potatoes. While some of you are probably thinking, “Sign me up!” others are left wondering, “…You call this a diet?” The Carnivore Diet is exactly what the name implies — a diet consisting of only meat; no vegetables, fruit, nuts, […]