butcherbox founder mike salguero in a field

A Thank You From Our Founder

Last Updated on May 1, 2020

Since early March, the ButcherBox team has been called on as a crucial player in the food supply industry to continue to do what we’ve always done: Deliver protein directly to consumers’ homes.

While that may seem like a simple task, in a time of crisis and uncertainty, it’s anything but. Without the thousands of people in our supply chain, delivering boxes to our members would be impossible.

It is with the utmost thankfulness that we recognize the people on the frontline getting our members their boxes, each and every day. At ButcherBox, we pride ourselves on the community we’ve built. It’s at a time like this that we recognize the parts of our community that deserve a round of applause.

While we know the hard work and dedication that goes into serving our members from the supply chain side, we wanted to lift up the hood a bit to shine a light onto the many people responsible for a box ultimately landing on our members’ doorstep.

To the farmers who always work from home, dedicated to raising animals with care,

to the meat cutters keeping the processing plants running smoothly,

to the packaging teams carefully ensuring items are properly sealed and frozen,

to the warehouse associates picking and packing orders to keep the supply lines running,

and to the drivers delivering boxes to members’ doors,

you are truly the ones responsible for keeping food on our members’ tables. From the entire ButcherBox team, and on behalf of our members, we thank you.

We hope our members can take a moment to appreciate all of these people in our community, just as we do!

butcherbox thanks our suppliers and truckers

butcherbox thanks farmers

Mike Salguero is the CEO and founder of ButcherBox.