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Comforting and Delicious Bacon and Sausage Breakfast Recipes

As the weather turns frosty and the mornings grow darker, it’s important to add a little warmth and comfort to your routines. There’s no better way than to kickstart your days with some cozy breakfast recipes.

Here are some quick ways to start the day with hearty and delicious meals.


Eggs. Cheese. Bacon. All together. What else could you possibly want? Despite its reputation, quiche isn’t as complicated as it may seem, and a well-made quiche will impress both your brunch guests and your taste buds. If you’re gluten-free, you can substitute the crust with an almond-flour crust, or even go crust-less.

bacon quiche

Breakfast Burrito

You don’t have to go out to breakfast to have a great breakfast burrito. Add a little Mexican flair to your mornings with this killer breakfast sausage burrito.

Looking for a little extra spice? Top it off with some homemade chipotle aioli.

Sausage Breakfast Scramble

It’s a well-established belief that a high protein breakfast will get both your brain and body fired up in the morning. This scramble is packed with both protein and veggies, and will set you up powerfully to conquer your day. It’s a low effort recipe with a high-yield flavor profile.

avacado and sausage with eggs

Fried Green Tomato Breakfast Sandwich

There are many ways to level up your standard breakfast sandwich: salmon, avocado, cream cheese. But few that rival the addition of a fried green tomato. This autumn delicacy takes a few extra minutes but is worth the time.

Top the sandwich off with fresh strips of bacon, and your cheese of choice.

French Toast with Banana and Bacon

It’s important to indulge a little, every now and then. And the best way to do that is with something both sweet and salty.

The combination of bananas and bacon is—to anyone who’s experienced the combo—otherworldly. It works wonders as a topper to egg battered, pan-fried brioche.

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