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lincoln farm dinner for customers

An Autumn Farm Dinner with ButcherBox Customers

On Thursday evening, ButcherBox invited a few of our most loyal and long-standing Boston-area customers to a small farm in Lincoln, Massachusetts, for a special multi-course dinner designed by our in-house chef, Yankel Polak. With a perfect early-fall sunset as a backdrop, all in attendance were treated to an incredible culinary […]

The secrets of marinating mouthwatering meat

Quality chicken, pork, and beef can often be thrown directly on the grill without any seasoning — or with just a pinch of salt and pepper — and taste amazing. Many steaks — especially skirt, flank, and similar cuts — as well as pork and chicken, can be immensely improved […]

Don’t ruin your steak by cutting it wrong

Obviously, we love a great steak as much as anyone. And there is nothing we dislike more than when a simple mistake ruins a fantastic, tender steak. So as a bit of public service, we want to make sure that you are aware of one of the most common errors […]

maria emmerich author

Maria Emmerich – Guiding Light of the Ketogenic Lifestyle

Maria Emmerich is one of the people in the wellness and nutrition space whose passion for helping others achieve healthy lives we greatly admire here at ButcherBox. Emmerich is the best-selling author of The Ketogenic Cookbook, and eight other books on health and wellness including Keto-Adapted and the soon-to-be-published Keto Restaurant Favorites. She […]

Meet Farmer John Arbuckle

We have a dream of helping provide the healthiest, highest quality meat to the world — ranging from 100% grass-fed beef to organic free-range chicken and heritage breed pork. It is widely understood that commercial farmers today raise and distribute cattle, chicken, and pork through processes that are ethically questionable, […]