Dennis Keohane

5 Sweet and Savory Treats Featuring Bacon

Desserts are often just one note, all sweet — and while that can be delicious, it sometimes lacks a certain complexity. Enter bacon: With its crisp texture and salty, savory flavor, it can make for a truly ideal dessert enhancer. Just as a pinch of flaky salt can wake up […]

beef and wild rice soup

6 One-Pan Meaty Recipes for Busy Weeknights

There are some nights when the idea of cooking dinner and then slaving over a pile of post-meal dishes just seems impossible. This mostly happens on Mondays for us, but no day is truly safe. But there is a solution: One-pan recipes. It doesn’t matter what kind of pan; baking […]

athlete mom

7 Easy, Protein-Rich Meals for Active People

Whether you’re an athlete training for an event or a busy parent rushing from work to managing kids and a household, you need your body in condition to meet your goals. And when it comes to fueling that body, there are certain nutritional guidelines that can help get you the […]

cooking for a crowd

The Best Cuts of Meat for Feeding a Crowd

Whether you have a large family, or just love to entertain, feeding a big group can be a lot of fun as well as a lot of work. Having a large cut of meat that doesn’t require a ton of hands-on cooking is key to making large-scale mealtimes run smoothly […]

coulotte also known as picanha

Top Sirloin Cap (a.k.a. Coulotte): What You Need to Know

One of the delights of being a ButcherBox member is getting to try out unique, difficult to find, and often under-appreciated cuts of beef, pork, and chicken included in our monthly curated boxes. (Of course, it’s awesome getting your favorites, too.) One of those less-common cuts: Sirloin cap. Sirloin cap comes from […]

bacon candy

Bacon Candy Recipe: How To Make Candied Bacon

Like most everyone who enjoys a treat now and then, we here at ButcherBox have a bit of a sweet tooth. It might be a bit odd to hand out candied bacon — or pig candy as it’s known in different parts of the country — to the kiddos who […]


Country-Style Ribs – Sweet, Tender, and Boneless

Pork ribs are all about love. If you are smoking them, baking them, or grilling them on your own — hopefully with a homemade backyard smoker — you know that that this form of BBQ rib love involves both labor and time. Eating some delicious barbecue baby back ribs or […]